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EM-Series USB-C monitor

AG Neovo Unveils New USB-C Monitors for Productive Workplaces At Offices and Home

AG Neovo is the display choice of professional worldwide and the company is announcing its new EM-Series monitors. The monitors integrate a future-proof USB Type-C port so laptop users can connect to the monitors quickly and begin working with a single USB-C cable.  These monitors are designed to provide professionals with a more productive way to work across multiple…

AG Neovo Launches New NSD-Series All-in-one 4K Signage Displays for Corporate and Commercial Use in the US

AG Neovo Launches New NSD-Series All-in-one 4K Signage Displays for Corporate and Commercial Use in the US

AG Neovo has launched the NSD-Series All-in-one 4K digital signage displays to enhance the content display in commercial and corporate settings.

AG Neovo Launches the New Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

AG Neovo Launches New Meetboard 3 Interactive Displays in the US

AG Neovo’s newest classroom and meeting room interactive displays are available in three sizes, 65”, 75” and 86”. The Meetboard 3 interactive displays have many customizable settings that aim to make collaboration easier.

AG Neovo launches new MD-series clinical review monitors

AG Neovo Announces New 24” and 27” Clinical Review Monitors with DICOM Mode and Ergo Design to Aid in Healthcare and Clinical Applications

AG Neovo today announced the release of MD-Series 24″ and 27″ Clinical Review Monitors with 2MP resolution and DICOM Part 14 compatible.


AG Neovo Launches New 24″ Bezel Less Security Monitor for Surveillance Systems

AG Neovo announced the release of the new SC-2402 security monitors that allow daily operations in a control room such as rail operations centers, police stations, universities, hospitals and other process-intensive companies with productivity.


AG Neovo SX-Series Security Monitor Named the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 Winner for Video Security Systems

The AG Neovo SX-Series security monitors have scooped a Video Security Systems award in the 2022 GIT Security Awards.

TX-4302 through-glass touch screens are SDM compatible interactive screens

AG Neovo Launches the TX-4302, a New Touch Screen Display to Boost Customer Engagement

AG Neovo has launched the new TX-4302, a through-glass touch screen that enables greater customer engagement and allows retailers, restauranteurs and other commercial enterprises to get their message across.

news TX 3202 banner

AG Neovo Launches TX-3202 32-Inch Touch Screens for Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

AG Neovo is pleased to announce the launch of the new TX-3202 32-Inch touch screen display, designed to meet commercial and retail needs.

AG Neovo PD-Series Public Information Display in the airport

Designed for Functionality: The Advanced PD-Series 4K Commercial Displays Will Be in Your Nearest Store Soon

AG Neovo announced the release of the much-awaited PD-Series 4K-resolution commercial displays that promise astonishing color, startling brightness and flexible functionality in the current market.

A man is touching AG Neovo's TX-Series touchscreen in the store

AG Neovo Launches New Range of Front IP65 TX-Series Touch Screen Monitors

AG Neovo is pleased to announce the launch of its advanced TX-Series touch screen monitors with a front-sided IP65 rating.

AG Neovo RX-series SX-series launch

AG Neovo Launches New Generation of RX- and SX-Series Monitors for Security and Surveillance in Tough Environments

AG Neovo has launched new versions of its RX-Series and SX-Series, displays that are designed specifically for security and surveillance or industrial environments.

DR Series G newsletter banner

AG Neovo Releases Newly Updated DR-Series for Dental Professionals

Newly released by AG Neovo, the DR-Series has been designed specifically for safety, efficiency, and clarity in the dental environment.