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Versatile and Robust Touchscreens for Multiple Scenarios and Applications

Explore AG Neovo’s range of advanced capacitive touch screens, ideal for diverse applications from smart cities to medical systems. These screens ensure seamless human-machine interaction and integrate smoothly into various systems, including public information displays and factory automation.

Reliable and Professional Touch Monitors for All Environments

AG Neovo’s touch monitors, equipped with PCAP technology, respond quickly and accurately to finger touches. Featuring IP65-rated protection and sturdy construction, they are suitable for high-use environments like retail, restaurants, and industrial areas.

Comprehensive Dust and Waterproof Touch Displays for Demanding Conditions

Designed for resilience, AG Neovo’s interactive touch displays are IP65-rated, offering robust protection against dust and liquids, perfect for continuous use in challenging settings.

Durable, Scratch-Resistant Multi-Touch Screens for High-Use Areas

Our multi-touch screens, with a 7H tempered glass display, resist scratches and maintain touch precision around the clock. They’ve passed rigorous impact tests, ensuring durability in high-traffic areas.

State-of-the-art Multi-Touch Screen Technology

High-Efficiency Capacitive Multi-Touch Screens

Featuring efficient PCAP technology, these touch displays provide precise feedback, ideal for bustling public spaces.

Through-Glass Interactive Touch Screen Technology

AG Neovo’s innovative technology allows touch interaction through glass barriers, transforming storefronts and public spaces into interactive zones.

Glove-Compatible Touch Displays

Designed for versatility, our touch displays recognize inputs from gloves and styluses, offering hygienic and flexible user interaction across various environments.

Potent Integration Abilities for Touchscreens

Simplified Installation for Touch Monitors

With a unique mounting design, these touch screens allow for effortless setup, whether wall-mounted, desk-based, or integrated into kiosks. An added anti-collision design ensures protection during transport and installation. AG Neovo’s touchscreens can be smoothly merged into any application setting.

Versatile Touchscreen Compatibility Across Platforms

These screens are compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android, featuring plug-and-play functionality on Windows 10 for ease of use.

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