Clinical Review Monitors

Creating Superior Medical Care through Safe, Hygienic Environments

Elevating Healthcare Standards with Certified Safety

Our Clinical Review Monitors, essential for modern healthcare, deliver crystal-clear imaging for reviewing electronic medical records, referencing medical imaging, and integrating with hospital information systems. Designed for the dynamic nature of clinical environments, these certified monitors ensure safety and hygiene at nursing stations, on mobile carts, and in various clinical settings. These LCD monitors are ideal for aiding daily medical routines with unmatched reliability.

AG Neovo Clinical Review Monitor with IEC/EN60601-1 certification

Uncompromised Safety

Certified to meet IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 medical standards, our monitors meet stringent safety, performance, and reliability criteria required in healthcare and medical settings. This dedication to safety makes our Clinical Review Monitors indispensable in ensuring the well-being of both staff and patients.

Effortless Clean, Robust Design

AG Neovo clinical review monitor is with NeoV glass screen

Hygiene Made Simple with NeoV™ Optical Glass

NeoV™ Optical Hardened Glass enables effortless cleaning of our monitors, supporting the use of 75% alcohol without damage — a critical feature for maintaining pristine hygiene in medical settings.

AG Neovo clinicla review monitor can be cleaned by cleanings.

Withstanding Acid/Alkali-Type Cleanings for Unmatched Hygiene

Our monitors excel in durability, specifically engineered to endure cleanings with acid or alkali-type solutions, affirming their hygiene superiority in medical settings while ensuring lasting durability and reliability.

AG Neovo clinical review monitor is meeting IP65 rating.

Engineered for Liquid and Dust Resistance

Equipped with an IP65 rating, these monitors are waterproof and dustproof, ensuring consistent performance in environments requiring frequent cleaning and disinfection is routine.

AG Neovo clinical review monitor is meeting IK10 rating.

Ultimate Vandal Resistance for Healthcare

Featuring IK10 vandal resistance, our monitors are armored against accidental impacts, offering an added level of durability essential for maintaining seamless operations in dynamic healthcare settings.

Enhanced Healthcare Quality

X-ray image of the soles of right foot presented under DICOM

Reliable Clinical Imaging Review

Our monitors meet DICOM Part 14 specifications, ensuring they provide precise clinical data representation, crucial for detailed reviews and reference in medical workflows.

Streamlined Mobility and Enhanced Ergonomics

A nurse is viewing electronic health records on the clinical review monitor installed on the medical mobile cart.

Optimized for Medical Cart Integration

Our clinical review monitors are equipped with VESA mount compatibility, streamlining integration with medical computer carts. This design promotes effortless mobility across healthcare settings, allowing for a dynamic workspace that adapts to the needs of medical professionals and patient care.

AG Neovo clinical review monitors is with height adjustable, rotate, swivel ergonomic functions.

Elevating Care at Nursing Stations

Engineered for superior ergonomics, our monitors boost comfort and efficiency at nursing stations. Perfectly suited for daily tasks like checking patient records, they enhance productivity, supporting healthcare professionals in delivering optimal care.

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