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Office monitors play a crucial role in daily work. All online documentation and visual presentations rely on top-tier desktop LCD monitors to support professional tasks. AG Neovo’s office monitors not only come with built-in blue light filters to effectively reduce eye fatigue, but they’re also compatible with standard stands and bases. Set up an efficient workstation with seamless multi-device connectivity in a bustling office environment and enjoy an unparalleled user experience.


Eye Care

Blue light filter and flicker-free display technology enhance eye comfort.


Ultra-Thin Bezel Design

Triple-edge ultra-thin bezel design expands your screen space.


Wide-Angle Viewing

Equipped with 178/178-degree wide-angle technology, ensuring undistorted visuals.

Eye-Care Tech Boosts Comfort

AG Neovo 辦公螢幕支援藍光濾鏡示意

Blue Light Filter

Effectively reduces the harm of short-wavelength blue light to eye cells.

Flicker-Free Display

Prevents eye strain and fatigue caused by high-frequency flickering of LCD monitors.


Enjoy a Comfortable and Efficient Office Routine

AG Neovo 辦公螢幕極細邊框設計示意

Ultra-Thin Bezel Design

Triple-edge bezel-less design extends the visual display. VESA standard compatible, allowing for easy dual-monitor setups for a nearly seamless viewing experience, enhancing work efficiency.

Wide-Angle Viewing

With wide-angle panel technology, regardless of whether you view from the top, bottom, front, or side, the office monitor delivers a complete and undistorted visual.

AG Neovo 辦公螢幕支援 DisplayPort/HDMI/VGA/Audio In 連接埠

Versatile Connectivity

A multifunctional port design offers immense flexibility. AG Neovo’s office monitors incorporate HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA input interfaces, making it easy to connect the monitor to PCs, laptops, or multimedia players.

Audio-Visual Multimedia Experience

Built-in high-quality speakers allow direct video playback, or plug into the headphone jack for multimedia enjoyment.

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