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The Ultimate Display Solution Tailored for Retail Malls

In today’s business environment, the way information and visual content are presented has become a critical factor influencing customer decisions. AG Neovo, a pioneer in the professional display field, offers commercial-grade displays of various specifications and sizes for shopping malls and indoor retail environments. We don’t just offer high-quality visual presentations – from 4K high-resolution displays to seamless video walls, and multi-point touch technology that interacts with customers, our product line meets all needs. This isn’t just to meet current business requirements but to strengthen the bond between your brand and customers, thereby boosting performance and enhancing customer loyalty.

餐廳內安裝 AG Neovo 大型商用顯示器示意

From Touch to Tiling, Zero Distance Customer Interaction

4K Commercial Displays
Ultra-High Resolution, Exquisite Presentation

Our professional 4K commercial displays offer unprecedented clarity, presenting visual content exquisitely to consumers, enhancing sensory experiences and making products and promotional content stand out.

24/7 Stability and Reliability

Our 4K commercial displays are designed for long hours of operation, ensuring continuous and stable performance in commercial settings, reducing maintenance costs and failure rates.

Versatile Connectivity

Equipped with diverse interfaces, it easily integrates with other devices, suitable for playing high-definition videos, and quickly connects to computers, players, or other networked devices.

4K 大型數位看板於商場示意
Video Walls
Immersive Image Presentation

Using advanced technology ensures seamless splicing between displays, offering customers a unified stunning visual effect, enhancing the attractiveness of advertisements and content.

Flexible Configuration, Unlimited Creativity

Depending on space requirements and design inspiration, displays can be freely combined and adjusted, creating unique display effects and layouts.

Centralized Management, Convenient Operation

Convenient remote management software is provided, making it easy to control and adjust the content and settings of all displays, making content updates and maintenance simpler.

Intuitive Operation, Enhanced Interactivity

Through touch technology, consumers can directly interact with the screen, offering a more direct and convenient information query or operating experience.

Quick Response, Smooth Experience

The highly sensitive touch sensing ensures that every touch receives a quick and accurate response, providing an unparalleled user experience.

Multi-Touch, Multitasking

Supports multi-touch functionality, allowing multiple people to operate or multitask simultaneously, greatly increasing efficiency and interactive enjoyment.

4K Commercial Displays
Video Walls

Why Choose AG Neovo?

In diverse indoor environments, AG Neovo focuses on addressing user pain points, offering digital electronic billboards of various specifications and sizes, helping mall professionals quickly deploy and replace multimedia content, delivering the most up-to-date dynamic information to a broad consumer base.

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