PN Series control
10 March 2022

Video Wall in Safety Control Center

TELCAT, the largest ITK security house in Germany, have found the impressive comprehensive video wall solution offered by the trusted display solution provider, AG Neovo.

AG Neovo on board with Axis
05 January 2022

AG Neovo is on Board with Axis

Our show van has so many other technical highlights besides the professional monitors – the curiosity of all market participants will certainly be piqued.

23 December 2021

Displays in BKS Networked Worlds

BKS with AG Neovo – a partnership that offers end customers, operators and installers outstanding complete solutions.

German Waterways 1100x550 1
23 December 2021

Clear View of the Water: Video Technology for Meppen Control Center

In Meppen, at the crossroads of the Ems and Hase rivers and the Dortmund-Ems Canal, a new control station for video technology with monitors from AG Neovo was put into operation in 2020.

A middle school teacher is teaching geography on Meetboard interactive smart panel
12 November 2021

Interactive Smart Panels Added to Denison/Schleswig Classrooms

Fifty new interactive smart panels have been rolled out in the Denison Community School District and 18 have been rolled out in the Schleswig Community School District.

HX 24 in NEP studio 1100x550 1
19 October 2021

Displaying the Right Solution for NEP Studios Denmark Video Assistant Referee Vans Every Time

Sitting in a surveillance van, HX-24E and HX-24G monitors are closely monitoring every movement in case the officials miss a moment.

QX Hendrika Jacoba 1100x550 1
06 April 2021

AG Neovo, Displaying 4 Sources of Joy to the Skipper of the Hendrika Jacoba in the Netherlands

AG Neovo QX-Series monitors and multi-monitor software assist Hendrika Jacoba daily to safely and efficiently navigate day-in, day-out to the most beautiful schools of fish.

QX in Marine Denmark 1100x550 1
02 March 2021

AG Neovo, Displaying Lessons Through Schools of Fish on the Sulehav Fishing Trawler in Denmark

Vest-El electrifies the market with their electrical solutions for the maritime sector but to make sure that their work is always on display, they need a partner that they can rely on.

IFP Series in ITES 1100x550 1
12 December 2020

Meeting the Expectations of Trust Placed by ITES GMBH, with Meetboard

ITES were already familiar with robust AG Neovo displays for their clients in security, medical and industrial industries, but Meetboard was something new for them.

2020 Case JelleOoteman pic e1660208601892
10 December 2020

AG Neovo, a Welcoming Sign at the Home of Jelle Ooteman

It’s great to see passers-by smile as they look at the beautiful houses on our signs and it’s even better when those passers-by become our new clients.

IFP Series KSV Holstein Kiel 1100x550 1
11 November 2020

AG Neovo Meetboard IFP-7502, Meeting KSV Holstein Kiel’s Demand for Success

Thanks to AG Neovo Meetboard, we can now optimally visualize strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide the players with the necessary equipment.

Teammakler real estate 1100x550 1
27 October 2020

AG Neovo, Meeting the Needs of Teammakler Real Estate with Meetboard

What it’s all about for Mr. Grages so making use of Meetboard with various interfaces, 4K/UHD resolution, multichannel USB ports and so much more was a no-brainer.

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