PN Series control

Video Wall In Safety Control Center

The company and company security know what we have in the professional AG Neovo products and their respective network of partners – namely technical solutions that are secure and bring security.

AG Neovo on board with Axis

AG Neovo on board with Axis

Our show van has so many other technical highlights besides the professional monitors – the curiosity of all market participants…

Brandenburg Museum 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, clearly displaying change at the brandenburg archaeological state museum

We are extremely satisfied. It is clear that a lot of care was taken when implementing a solution that fits…

Mercedes Benz Case 1100x550 1

AG Neovo discreetly displaying excellence in Mercedes Benz’ showrooms

The extremely thin dual-sided display really makes the DF-55 stand out. AG Neovo has created a product that proves the…

HX 24 in NEP studio 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, producing great displays to display great production with NEP Sweden

Creating great live content and producing the best quality broadcasts for our clients is made so much easier by having…

PM Series HC Feijenoord 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Always the First Name on HockeyClub Feijenoord’s Team Sheet

We know that our friends at HC Feijenoord are a visionary club and we wanted to help their vision be…

TX 22 White in Dental 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying a gentle touch in sensitive environments

At Dental IT, our priority is to take care of the digital so that our clients can focus of the…

AG Neovo, securely displaying the future of technology in Africa

Security is vital both online and offline for governments and businesses and high quality, uninterrupted, 24/7 displays are vital to…

Italian Ship 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, the star aboard Italian ships, displaying strength from port to port

Strong, sturdy, ready for any situation, that’s how we like our ships and that’s how we like our displays. The…

Ballon Sail Sponsorship 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, taking displays to a new height at the Willer Balloon Sail

For the spectators, the applied ISA solution with the AXIS cameras over the field, as well as the permanent presentation…

Golden Dawn Case 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, seeing the sea in a display of clarity

In the harsh environment we work in, the AG Neovo displays were the perfect choice, and I would not hesitate…

Fertility Clinic 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying a zest for life at The Fertility Clinic, Copenhagen

Medical environments need to be looked after and kept clean. The fact that it is so easy to do this…

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