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PN Series control

Video Wall In Safety Control Center

The company and company security know what we have in the professional AG Neovo products and their respective network of partners – namely technical solutions that are secure and bring security.

Displays in BKS Networked Worlds

We would like to thank the entire AG Neovo team for the excellent cooperation on the show room concept. We…

AG Neovo on board with Axis

AG Neovo Is On Board With Axis

Our show van has so many other technical highlights besides the professional monitors – the curiosity of all market participants…

A middle school teacher is teaching geography on Meetboard interactive smart panel

Interactive smart panels added to Denison/Schleswig classrooms

Meetboard interactive smart panel allows teachers to annotate virtually any content, whether it’s a video, a picture, a website, or a program in the classroom.
4. Meta Keywords: interactive smart panel, interactive display, interactive whiteboard.


AG Neovo, displaying the right solution for NEP Studios Denmark Video Assistant Referee (VAR) vans every time

AG Neovo is proud to be selected for this installation for NEP Studio, who has introduced this installation to UEFA…

German Waterways 1100x550 1

Clear view of the water: video technology for Meppen control center

Simply bring joy to every security officer - Mr. Thore Peters, Senior Sales Manager at AG Neovo Technology Germany’s waterways…

QX Hendrika Jacoba 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying 4 sources of joy to the skipper of the Hendrika Jacoba in the Netherlands

Some recent new construction projects are now sailing weekly and the skippers are very enthusiastic about the supplied displays from…

QX in Marine Denmark 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying lessons through schools of fish on the Sulehav fishing trawler in Denmark

Working with Vest-EI is a little like your right hand working with your left, they both know what the other…

IFP Series in ITES 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Meeting the expectations of trust placed in them by ITES GMBH, with Meetboard™

Thanks to the Meetboard, we can conduct planning and customer meetings as well as internal meetings in a much more…

NSD Real Estate 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, A Welcoming Sign at The Home of Jelle Ooteman

It’s great to see passers-by smile as they look at the beautiful houses on our signs and it’s even better…

IFP Series KSV Holstein Kiel 1100x550 1

AG Neovo Meetboard™ IFP-7502, meeting KSV Holstein Kiel’s demand for success

Thanks to the AG Neovo Meetboard, we can now optimally visualize strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide the players…

Teammakler real estate 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, meeting the needs of Teammakler Real Estate with Meetboard™

Thanks to the Meetboard we were able to implement our strategic orientation in a structured way and achieve significant added…

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