Clinical Review Monitor in a hospital setting

Clinical Review Monitors: Enhancing Safety & Efficiency in Healthcare Environments

Discover how Clinical Review Monitors are transforming healthcare settings by enhancing patient safety and operational efficiency. Learn the essential features and benefits of integrating these monitors into your medical practice.


4 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Medical Monitors

Discover the essential factors to consider when purchasing Medical Monitors. Dive deep into the features of AG Neovo’s MX and MD series.

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5 Reasons to Choose DW-Series USB-C Monitors for Productivity

As technology has advanced, more and more power has been packed into smaller devices. Laptops have been designed to have…

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Everything You Need to Know About USB-C Monitors

In this article, we will explore the various types of USB-C monitors, as well as their compatibility and things to look out for.

Medical Monitors

Medical Display Guide: How to Select Medical Monitors for Clinical Reviews?

In our technologically-driven healthcare era, the role of medical imaging displays is paramount. Beyond ordinary monitors, these are specialized screens…

Interactive digital signage trends in retailing

Top 3 Interactive Digital Signage Trends in Retail for 2022

Interactive digital signage is the new generation of digital signage by adding interactive functions to broadcast relevant information or advertising content through videos or other multimedia. Learn more about the future trend.

Choose the Best Value Surveillance Monitors

How to Choose the Best Value Surveillance Monitors for Multiscreen Setups in a Control Room

According to Statista, the video surveillance market will climb to a value of $62.6 billion by 2023. Security and surveillance…

6 Reasons to Choose AG Neovo Touch Screens

6 Reasons to Choose AG Neovo’s Touchscreens

AG Neovo’s touch screen displays use the latest in touchscreen technology. Each one is designed to meet a wide range…

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16 Reasons to Use Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

More restaurants are installing digital menu boards. They are simple, adaptable, and can lead to bigger sales. Let’s take a look at 16 reasons why you need to use a digital menu board in your restaurant.

AG Neovo large format displays

4 Reasons to Choose AG Neovo’s Large Format Displays

Different industries require different large screen displays or monitors for various digital signage applications. Some need wide-screen large displays, while…

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An Ultimate Digital Signage Solution Guide

Discover how a digital signage solution increases customer engagement and business success. Learn more with this comprehensive guide and resource.