NSD 系列 4K All-in-one 數位電子看板顯示器於夏裝店示意圖

AG Neovo Introduces New NSD Series 4K All-in-One Digital Signage Displays

AG Neovo unveils its new NSD Series, a versatile UHD digital signage solution with advanced scheduling capabilities. Elevate your business image with effortless content control.

All-in-One Digital Signage Display _ NSD-Series 3 Luxury brand stores-1

AG Neovo x NoviSign Join Forces to Redefine Digital Signage: Unveiling the NSD-Series, a Seamless All-in-One Solution

AG Neovo and NoviSign collaborate to introduce the NSD-Series, a versatile UHD digital signage solution. Available in various sizes, this innovative blend of AG Neovo’s Android displays and NoviSign’s software promises a seamless, engaging experience for your space.

TTN-Series PR News

AG Neovo Unveils New 32”, 43” and 55’’ LCD Displays for 24/7 Video Surveillance

AG Neovo, a pioneer in professional display solutions, announces the launch of the new 32”(TTN-3201), 43”( TTN-4301), and 55’’(TTN-5501) displays, specialised for continuous video surveillance in demanding settings such as transport hubs, retail areas, manufacturing sites, and other locations where monitoring through larger displays is essential.

9 units PN-46D2 46 ultra-narrow bezel video wall display are set up to 3 x 3 video wall showing discount message in the mall_02

AG Neovo Introduces New 46’’ Ultra-narrow Display to Video Wall Product Line

The PN-46D2, an ultra-narrow LCD video wall display, ensures outstanding performance and easy maintenance, catering to businesses and organizations seeking immersive visual experiences. Its slim bezel design makes it ideal for impactful digital signage in various orientations. With integrated UniWall™ functionality and AG Neovo’s PID Command & Ctrl software, installation and maintenance are seamless, serving applications like control rooms, retail spaces, and corporate offices.

DW-Series USB-C monitor_02

AG Neovo Unveils New USB-C Monitors for Productive Workplaces At Offices and Home

The new products produce higher resolution image, wider color range and ergonomic design.


AG Neovo Announces New PM-3202 Slim Bezel Digital Signage Display Model

The new PM-3202 built-in scheduler simplifies content delivery and maintenance routines. It also can be upgraded to digital signage, allowing seamless integration of the display via external media players. - Jessica Shih, The Head of AG Neovo Project Management Team AG Neovo is proud to announce the PM-3202, a slim…


AG Neovo Presents The PN-55D3 Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays

AG Neovo plans to improve the quality of video wall displays for demanding businesses with the new PN-55D3 Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Display for professional and commercial environments. These high-end applications are easy to maintain with user-friendly functions and connections.

AG Neovo Launches the SMQ-Series, a New 4K Surveillance Display that Allows for Enhanced Visibility with Details in Analog and Digital Security System Monitoring

AG Neovo Launches the SMQ-Series, a New 4K Surveillance Display that Allows for Enhanced Visibility with Details in Analog and Digital Security System Monitoring

The SMQ-Series 4K surveillance system displays allow you to see every detail while video monitoring. It also enables the analog security camera system to upgrade with large BNC displays. Meanwhile, it also allows you to future-proof the 4K security system with the 4K display.

AG Neovo's New Product PO-5502

AG Neovo’s New Product PO-5502 is a Game Changer for Open Frame Displays

PO-5502 open frame displays include 2500 nits brightness levels that maximise visibility, along with an energy-saving EcoSmart Sensor and Anti-Burn-in technology that make the ultra high brightness digital signage displays ideal for 24/7 outdoor use.

AG Neovo Debuts TX-2401 and TX-2401 White Touch Screen Monitors

AG Neovo Debuts TX-2401 and TX-2401 White Touch Screen Monitors to Increase Operational Efficiency

The recently launched TX-2401 and TX-2401 White can help thousands of people to improve operations and focus on customers and patients at businesses and healthcare facilities.


AG Neovo SX-Series Security Monitor Named the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 Winner for Video Security Systems

The AG Neovo SX-Series security monitors have scooped a Video Security Systems award in the 2022 GIT Security Awards. Learn more here.

AG Neovo launches new MD-series clinical review monitors

AG Neovo Announces New 24” and 27” Clinical Review Monitors with DICOM Mode and Ergo Design to Aid in Healthcare and Clinical Applications

AG Neovo today announced the release of MD-Series 24” and 27” (the MD-2402 and MD-2702 respectively) Clinical Review Monitors with 2MP resolution and DICOM Part 14 compatible, this improvement in monitor viewing will harmonize the image of fidelity with accurate shading of medical imaging.

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