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AG Neovo Unveils New 32”, 43” and 55’’ LCD Displays for 24/7 Video Surveillance

AG Neovo, a pioneer in professional display solutions, announces the launch of the new 32”(TTN-3201), 43”( TTN-4301), and 55’’(TTN-5501) displays, specialised for continuous video surveillance in demanding settings such as transport hubs, retail areas, manufacturing sites, and other locations where monitoring through larger displays is essential.

9 units PN-46D2 46 ultra-narrow bezel video wall display are set up to 3 x 3 video wall showing discount message in the mall_02

AG Neovo Introduces New 46’’ Ultra-narrow Display to Video Wall Product Line

The PN-46D2, an ultra-narrow LCD video wall display, offers exceptional performance and easy maintenance. Its slim bezel design suits impactful digital signage in various settings. Integrated UniWall™ functionality and AG Neovo’s PID Command & Ctrl software allow seamless installation, serving various applications.

DW-Series USB-C monitor_02

AG Neovo Unveils New USB-C Monitors for Productive Workplaces At Offices and Home

The new products produce higher resolution image, wider color range and ergonomic design.


AG Neovo Announces New PM-3202 Slim Bezel Digital Signage Display Model

The new PM-3202 built-in scheduler simplifies content delivery and maintenance routines. It also can be upgraded to digital signage, allowing seamless integration of the display via external media players. - Jessica Shih, The Head of AG Neovo Project Management Team AG Neovo is proud to announce the PM-3202, a slim…


AG Neovo Presents The PN-55D3 Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays

AG Neovo plans to improve the quality of video wall displays for demanding businesses with the new PN-55D3 Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Display for professional and commercial environments. These high-end applications are easy to maintain with user-friendly functions and connections.

AG Neovo Debuts TX-2401 and TX-2401 White Touch Screen Monitors

AG Neovo Debuts TX-2401 and TX-2401 White Touch Screen Monitors to Increase Operational Efficiency

The recently launched TX-2401 and TX-2401 White can help thousands of people to improve operations and focus on customers and patients at businesses and healthcare facilities. - Kevin Hsieh, Product Manager at AG Neovo AG Neovo is pleased to announce the launch of the new TX-2401 and TX-2401 White 24-inch touch…

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AG Neovo Announces New 24” and 27” Clinical Review Monitors with DICOM Mode and Ergo Design to Aid in Healthcare and Clinical Applications

Besides 2MP resolution for clinical review requirement, our MD-2402 and MD-2702 clinical review monitors support the DICOM Part 14 standard that ensures the grayscale levels of images in detail. This will save time and facilitate timely patient care among clinical staff and healthcare professionals. April Chang, Product Manager at AG…


AG Neovo Launches New 24″ Bezel Less Security Monitor for Surveillance Systems

The SC-2402 is a commercial-grade monitor, ideal for seamless video monitoring in the control room with multiple monitor setups. AG Neovo announced the release of the new SC-2402 security monitors that allow daily operations in a control room such as rail operations centres, police stations, universities, hospitals and other process-intensive…


AG Neovo SX-Series Security Monitor Named the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2022 Winner for Video Security Systems

The AG Neovo SX-Series security monitors have scooped a Video Security Systems award in the 2022 GIT Security Awards. Every year, the GIT SECURITY international (Magazine for Safety and security) selects the most successful solutions in the safety and security market, and the SX-Series is one of the winners in…

A man is touching AG Neovo's TX-Series touchscreen in the store

AG Neovo Launches the TX-4302, a new Interactive Display to Boost Customer Engagement

“Our TX-4302 touch screens are SDM compatible interactive screens, providing a high-calibre, engaging digital signage solution. The touch through-glass function enables more creative installations, helping to boost customer engagement and, ultimately, increase sales.” – Kevin Hsieh, product manager at AG Neovo AG Neovo has launched the new TX-4302, a through-glass…

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AG Neovo Launches TX-3202 32-Inch Touch Screens for Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

Our TX-3202 touch screens with built-in touch through-glass function can be applied in the interactive window displays or touch screen tables in retail and commercial settings. Also, this touch through-glass helps interact with the customers creatively and boost engagement and business. - Kevin Hsieh, Product Manager at AG Neovo AG…

AG Neovo PN Series Video Wall Displays

AG Neovo Launches The New PN-Series For Public Video Wall Displays

Given its ultra-slim bezel design, stunning imaging performance, and exceptional durability, the advanced PN-Series makes a smart choice for building video walls at public places like shopping malls, subway stations, and airports, and in such broadcasting settings as TV studios. At control centers and industrial sites, the advanced PN-Series is…

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