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Medical Institutions

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AG Neovo provides diverse video display solutions tailored for medical institutions and care facilities. Whether used at dental workstations, consultation rooms, inquiry desks, or mobile medical vehicles, AG Neovo’s medical displays not only emulate medical image displays but also prioritize product safety and easy cleaning. This ensures that caregivers, doctors, visitors, and patients can use them with peace of mind.

牙科診所安裝一整排 AG Neovo 健康醫療顯示器

A Trusted Medical Display

Dental Monitors
Medical Equipment Certification

Certified by IEC/EN 60601-1 and IEC/EN 60601-1-2, ensuring safety and stability.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Featuring acid and alkali resistant NeoV glass protection, the screen can be safely cleaned and disinfected using alcohol and cleaning solutions.

Supports Dental Chair Installation

Complies with VESA wall-mounting standards, adopting power standards and cable lengths suitable for dental equipment.

Clinical Review Monitors
Preset DICOM Display Mode

Supports displaying medical images, offering clinical staff a reference for patient symptoms.

Medical-Grade Power Supply

Meets the IEC/EN 60601-1 standard, significantly reducing the risk of product damage.

Flexible Installation and Use

Ergonomically designed and compliant with VESA wall-mounting standards, it can be installed in mobile diagnostic vehicles.

IP65 Touchscreens
Medical-Grade Power Supply

Compliant with IEC/EN 60601-1 standards, greatly reducing the risk of product damage.

Easy to Clean and Disinfect

Equipped with acid and alkali resistant NeoV glass protection, allowing for safe cleaning and disinfection of the screen surface using alcohol and cleaning solutions.

Advanced Projected Capacitive Touch Technology

Intuitive 10-point touch support and compatible with multiple operating systems.

Dental Monitors
Clinical Review Monitors
IP65 Touchscreens

Why Choose AG Neovo?

AG Neovo's display products, whether in terms of image mode tuning, power supply design, or structural design, all consider the safety requirements and aesthetics of the medical environment, providing displays that meet medical standards.

International Safety Certification


Easy Cleaning and Disinfection


Superior Display Performance

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