Medical Monitors

Dedicated to Operational Safety and Hygiene in Medical Monitors

Enhancing Healthcare with Advanced Medical Monitors

AG Neovo’s medical monitors, crafted exclusively for healthcare settings, are the epitome of operational safety and hygiene. With medical-certified power adapters, these monitors meet the most stringent medical safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for healthcare professionals. The inclusion of exclusive NeoV™ optical glass, resistant to alcohol and other cleaning agents, signifies our commitment to maintaining the highest hygiene standards. DICOM-mode compatibility further ensures that our monitors deliver precise imaging for clinical review, embodying our pledge to provide safe, reliable, and superior-quality imaging solutions for all healthcare needs.


Medical-Certified Power Adapters

Our medical monitors go beyond basic functionalities, delivering steadfast performance backed by international safety certification for medical electrical equipment. This assurance is part of our core commitment to healthcare safety and reliability.


Upholding Hygiene Standards

Designed to meet the rigorous hygiene demands of the medical industry, our monitors feature screens resistant to common cleaning agents, minimizing damage risks and prioritizing cleanliness.


Unmatched Medical Imaging Excellence

By supporting DICOM imaging standards, our monitors offer clear, detailed views essential for accurate medical reviews, setting a new benchmark for imaging excellence in healthcare.

AG Neovo Medical Monitors are certified by IEC/EN60601

IEC/EN 60601 Certified Safety in Medical Monitors

Reinforced with IEC/EN 60601 certification, AG Neovo’s monitors guarantee durability and the utmost safety, underscoring our unwavering dedication to protecting both patients and practitioners.

AG Neovo medical monitors pre-set DICOM mode

Insightful Details At A Glance

Equipped with DICOM image mode and dedicated X-ray shortcuts, our monitors enable healthcare professionals to instantly discern intricate grayscale nuances, facilitating quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

AG Neovo medical monitors are water and dust proof, also easy-to-clean

Robust And Hygienic Display

Thanks to NeoV’s protective glass, our monitors are shielded against damages from cleaning and disinfection, ensuring long-lasting hygiene and durability in demanding medical environments.

Dental Monitors

Bringing Clarity to Dental Health

Our dental monitors redefine how dentists communicate with patients, simplifying the explanation of complex dental conditions and treatments with vivid, clear visuals. This clarity not only fosters patient understanding but also trust, making these monitors indispensable in dental consultations for informed decision-making and improved health outcomes.

AG Neovo dental monitors supports DC24V power, and equip with 5 meter power cord.

Effortless Dental Chair Installation

Easy, secure mounting with certified power adaptors and extended cables makes AG Neovo’s dental monitors a breeze to install, ensuring seamless integration into dental practices.

AG Neovo Dental Monitor X-ray shortcut button and handle.

Enhanced Oral X-ray Display

Specialized illuminator mode in our monitors simplifies the transition between X-ray datasets, highlighting why they’re the preferred choice for capturing and displaying intricate oral X-ray visuals.

AG Neovo medical monitor is with NeoV glass screen to withstand Acid, Alkali solutions and alcohol

Hygiene-Focused Design

NeoV’s coated protective optical glass, encased in white metal, not only makes our dental monitors resistant to rigorous cleaning processes but also helps in quickly identifying and managing contaminations, emphasizing our focus on hygiene.

Clinical Review Monitors

Safely Streamlining Daily Clinical Review

Designed to optimize medical routines, AG Neovo’s clinical review monitors strike the perfect balance between safety and efficiency. Ideal for nursing stations or medical computer carts, they support routine healthcare tasks with features that ensure the highest standard of electrical safety while also maintaining a hygienic workspace.

AG Neovo medical monitors support DICOM

Medical Imaging Standard

Our monitors integrate DICOM Part 14 imaging standards, displaying detailed grayscale gradients vividly, ensuring no critical information is missed by medical staff.

AG Neovo medical monitors support PIP and PBP

2MP High Resolution Medical Monitoring

Offering 1080p (2MP) resolution, our clinical review monitors provide detailed, color-accurate images, aiding healthcare professionals in delivering top-notch patient care.

AG Neovo clinical review monitors equip ergonomic stands

Versatile Use Across Medical Applications

Designed ergonomically for a range of medical uses, our monitors provide optimal viewing angles on both nursing stations and medical computer carts, boosting user comfort and operational efficiency.

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