Security Monitors for 24/7 Video Surveillance

Superior Clarity and Precision in Every Frame

Engineered for Unmatched Durability and Clarity in Professional Video Surveillance

AG Neovo’s LCD monitors are specifically engineered for professional video surveillance systems, emphasizing their robust construction and superior performance. Featuring NeoV Glass Screen protection, these monitors offer exceptional durability against external impacts. Internally, the Anti-burn-in technology ensures consistent performance for continuous operation. Additionally, optimized image settings enhance image clarity, providing reliable and uninterrupted surveillance. These features make AG Neovo’s monitors a dependable choice for critical monitoring tasks.

24/7 全年無休圖示

Day to Night Performance

Our commercial-grade panels ensure your video surveillance monitors remain operational uninterrupted, 365 days a year, 24/7.

Anti-Burn-in 影像防烙印圖示

Sharp, Clear, and Reliable Imaging

With unique anti-burn-in technology, these HD surveillance monitors are capable of preventing ghosting, even after displaying the same image for extended periods.


Flexible Installation for Diverse Needs

Rich in connection methods, these monitors support both digital and analog signals, offering flexible configuration options for diverse surveillance needs.

Industry-Leading Durability In Surveillance Display

Designed to tackle the most challenging year-round operational demands of a CCTV surveillance system.

影像監控螢幕支援 24/7 全年無休圖示

24/7 Continuous Operation

With a commercial-grade design, these video surveillance monitors support the rigorous 24/7 performance demanded in surveillance environments, thereby minimizing wear from extended use.

影像監控螢幕搭載 AG Neovo NeoV 防護光學玻璃圖示

Top-tier Screen Protection

Our monitors feature the exclusive NeoV protective optical glass, ensuring IP22 dust and water resistance alongside IK07+ impact protection levels, safeguarding the display from various challenges.

AG Neovo 影像監控螢幕背殼為金屬鐵件

Robust Build: Metallic Casing For Enhanced Durability

Each monitor’s back is protected with a metallic casing, ensuring internal components remain shielded from external impacts and facilitating optimal heat dissipation.

Exceptional Surveillance Image Quality

Dedication to clarity in every corner with our video surveillance monitors

Anti-Burn-in 影像防烙印技術圖示

ANTI-BURN-IN™ Technology

AG Neovo’s proprietary Anti-Burn-in™ technology is designed specifically for the demands of extended, uninterrupted usage in surveillance systems, ensuring images remain clear, stable, and free from ghosting.

Diverse Surveillance Image Modes For Optimal Clarity

Our Super Resolution technology ensures every detail is captured, enhancing image quality and clarity. The built-in CCTV mode, specifically tailored for central monitoring rooms, ensures even the lowest light conditions at night don’t compromise image clarity.

HDMI / DisplayPort / 複合視訊 (BNC) 視訊訊號輸入與迴路輸出圖示

Multi-Functionality And High Compatibility

Designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of setups, our security monitors support an extensive range of video input sources. This includes traditional CCTV cameras and the latest HDMI and DisplayPort devices. With Composite video (BNC) input and loop-out, device connectivity becomes effortless, even without the need for splitters.

RX & SX Series

Featuring both a metal casing and protective glass, the RX and SX series video surveillance monitors uphold the highest safety and reliability standards.

AG Neovo RX 系列產品圖

RX Series

The RX series 1080p security monitor uses commercial-grade LCD panels, offering reliability, durability, and versatility for various surveillance settings.

AG Neovo SX 系列產品圖

SX Series

The quality of the SX series surveillance monitor was recognized by Germany’s GIT magazine, winning the best security system monitor award in 2022.

SC Series

The SC series stands out as the optimal choice for those requiring reliable video surveillance monitors for continuous operation.

AG Neovo SC 系列產品圖

SC Series

The SC series LCD monitor, designed for 24/7 operations, employs Anti-Burn-in™ technology to prevent image persistence, ensuring consistent color display and continuous operation even after prolonged static displays.

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