German Waterways 1100x550 1

Clear View of the Water: Video Technology for Meppen Control Center

In Meppen, at the crossroads of the Ems and Hase rivers and the Dortmund-Ems Canal, a new control station for video technology with monitors from AG Neovo was put into operation in 2020.

QX Hendrika Jacoba 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Displaying 4 Sources of Joy to the Skipper of the Hendrika Jacoba in the Netherlands

AG Neovo QX-Series monitors and multi-monitor software assist Hendrika Jacoba daily to safely and efficiently navigate day-in, day-out to the most beautiful schools of fish.

QX in Marine Denmark 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Displaying Lessons Through Schools of Fish on the Sulehav Fishing Trawler in Denmark

Vest-El electrifies the market with their electrical solutions for the maritime sector but to make sure that their work is always on display, they need a partner that they can rely on.

Pia Glanz 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Seeing Technological Advancements from All Angles on Pia Glanz

In the toughest moments, you need to be on top of everything at once. The four-split feature on the AG Neovo QX-Series allows Pia Glanz to do just that.

Golden Dawn Case 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Seeing the Sea in a Display of Clarity

In the harsh environment we work in, the AG Neovo displays were a perfect choice, and I would not hesitate in recommending them.

Italian Ship 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, the Star Aboard Italian Ships, Displaying Strength from Port to Port

The SX-19E monitor is ready 24/7 and even comes with a DC input. We’re always happy to recommend AG Neovo.