Standard Commercial Displays for Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage for Vibrant Commercial Spaces

AG Neovo’s standard digital signage displays are designed for commercial applications that require dynamic content at an efficient operational cost. These displays offer consistent performance and reliability in various business environments. Featuring easy-to-use media playback, our digital signage solutions are ideal for restaurants, retail stores, corporate meeting areas, and hotels. These displays ensure your message is delivered clearly and effectively, keeping customers and employees informed and engaged throughout business hours.

Crystal Clear and Dynamic Messaging

With high resolution and decent brightness, our displays enable crystal clear and dynamic messaging in any indoor commercial setting, ensuring your content is always vibrant and engaging.

The PM-Series slim bezel digital signage display is setup for commercial applications

Simple Content Scheduling

The embedded USB media player allows users to conveniently play content directly from a USB drive. Easily create scheduled playlists and configure playback settings using the included remote control, allowing for seamless display of personalized content.

The PM-Series slim bezel digital signage displays have a built-in integrated scheduler

Versatile Connectivity

Connect a variety of devices, such as media players and computers, with versatile connectivity options including HDMI, DVI, USB, RS232, and RJ45. This flexibility ensures your digital signage setup can accommodate diverse multimedia sources.

The PM-Series slim bezel digital signage display equips versatile I/O ports

Easily Manage Multiple Displays

AG Neovo’s display management solution, PID Command & Ctrl, provides an easy-to-use software for configuring multiple AG Neovo displays. This software offers the convenience of remote control via iOS/Android mobile devices, laptops, or PCs, allowing you to manage your screens efficiently while on the go.

The iOS & Android app UI from PID Command & Ctrl display management software


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