How to Choose LCD Monitors for Control Centers:RX/SX LCD Monitors


In this era of rapid digitization and AI technological advancement, ensuring the safety of industrial facilities and public places has become a top priority. Especially today, monitoring systems such as security camera monitors and closed-circuit television monitors have become indispensable tools in the control center. Against this backdrop, the AG Neovo RX/SX series industrial monitors stand out in the market, becoming the preferred choice for those looking for reliable security camera monitors due to exceptional performance.

Control Center’s Role and Importance

Control centers have evolved to be the nerve centers of modern security frameworks. Efficient and reliable equipment, like the AG Neovo RX/SX series monitors, ensures seamless operations in these hubs, leading to enhanced safety and security.

Introduction and Background of AG Neovo RX/SX Series LCD Monitors

AG Neovo has always been dedicated to researching professional display technology and is praised for its durable, high-performance products. The RX/SX series monitors feature a 178° ultra-wide viewing angle, high contrast, and brightness, ensuring exceptional visual effects in various environments. This series is designed specifically for long-duration, continuous monitoring tasks, fully meeting the needs of professional users.

AGneovo RS/SX BNC LCD Monitors for CCTV

Key Differences Between AG Neovo’s RX/SX Series and Regular LCD Monitors

Feature/ConsiderationAG Neovo RX/SX SeriesRegular LCDs
Panel and ComponentsCommercial-grade panelTypical 16/7 or 8/7 panel
Average LifespanMinimum of 3 yearsMight degrade or deteriorate after just 1 year
ConnectivityVariety of options for multifunctional use across devicesStandard connectivity options
Control SystemFeatures RS232 control,ideal for control centersTypically does not have RS232 control

Note: AG Neovo’s RX/SX series is especially designed for professionals in security monitoring scenarios and control centers, providing enhanced functionality compared to regular LCDs.

How Display Technology Addresses Common Issues in Control Centers

The display technology of the RX/SX series, combined with high resolution, offers unprecedented detail and clarity. Whether in low-light or brightly lit situations, it ensures clear and lifelike visuals. Additionally, it boasts excellent response times, capable of displaying real-time footage without any ghosting or afterimages.

Anti-Burn-in™ Technology Ensures Long-Time Use Without Screen Burn-in Issues

AG Neovo’s groundbreaking Anti-Burn-in™ technology ensures the screen won’t be damaged with prolonged use in control centers. This technology not only guarantees the monitor’s longevity and durability but also continuous performance, making it the top choice for those needing reliable security monitors.

rs/sx bnc lcd cctv monitors-with anti burn in tech

Multiple Display Features and Connectivity for Monitoring Multiple Cameras and Sources

Designed for modern control center requirements, the RX/SX series supports various video inputs and allows users to simultaneously monitor different areas, enhancing its reputation as a top-tier security camera monitor.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of AG Neovo RX/SX Series vs. Regular 24-inch Monitors

Item/ConsiderationAG Neovo RX-24GRegular 24-inch Monitors
Replacement Labor (3-years)Not a consideration2 x $30 = $60
ConvertersNo signal converters requiredBNC to HDMI adapter = $25
Cables100M BNC cable = $50100M HDMI cable = $119
Control System/FunctionalityRS232 control functionality2 x control system replacements at $30 each = $60

With its commercial-grade panel, a variety of video signal inputs, and comprehensive control connectivity, the RX-24G offers a cost-effective solution with fewer potential hidden expenses compared to conventional monitors.

Spotlight on the RX/SX Series Features

A Lifetime of 24/7 Operation LCD Monitors for Control Centers

Sleek Design Elements

  • Flat surface design for a modern look
  • Intuitive touch-button interface
  • EcoSmart sensor for energy efficiency

Built to Last

  • Panel designed for 24/7 continuous operation
  • Authentic panel module for durability
  • Protective glass overlay for added resilience
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Stunning Visual Performance

  • Anti-Burn-in technology to prevent screen damage
  • Dedicated CCTV mode for surveillance
  • Ultra-high resolution for crystal clear visuals
  • Available in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Static image function to prevent screen burn
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and Picture-by-Picture (PbP) capabilities for multitasking

Hassle-free Setup and Operation

  • Variety of input and output options for versatility
  • RS232 connectivity paired with PID software for enhanced control
  • BNC pass-through functionality for direct connections
  • Image rotation feature to adapt to different orientations
  • Compatible with VESA mount standards for easy installation.

Successful Client Collaboration Case

The successful collaboration between AG Neovo and Axis Communications represents a perfect blend of both companies’ outstanding technology and resources. In this partnership, AG Neovo’s RX series displays were integrated into an advanced demo vehicle to showcase Axis’s advanced monitoring technology, demonstrating the RX series’ effectiveness and reliability in real-world scenarios.(Readmore)

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