Commercial Displays for Digital Signage

Display dynamic, information-rich and engaging visual content

Capture Attention with High-Quality Large Commercial Displays

AG Neovo offers a diverse range of large commercial digital signage displays, allowing you to select the most suitable product for your application area and business scale. Advertise and display informative messages to attract customers and encourage them to stay longer, including professional-grade high-brightness displays, high-definition displays equipped with plug-and-play and simple scheduling of audiovisual content, and smart digital signage with built-in operating systems, suitable for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, or public places.


Professional Commercial Grade

High brightness for clear display, supporting 24/7 continuous use, and offers both vertical and horizontal installation options.
*Specifications may vary based on product design.

Content management icon

Diverse Content Playback Options

In addition to offering plug-and-play external media players, it also supports cloud-based content management software, facilitating easy design and remote content publishing.

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Easy to Manage and Maintain

Download the PID Command & Ctrl display management software for remote control and management of multiple displays, easily resolving all installation and setup details.

4K Professional Grade Commercial Displays

Optimal Visibility and High Brightness

The 4K professional commercial displays offer detailed and clear images, standing out in any application environment. With high-brightness display capabilities, they maintain vibrant, full, and clear content images even in bright spaces.

4K Professional digital signage display supports 24/7 operation.

Designed for Around-the-Clock Use

The 4K professional commercial displays are specifically designed for 24/7 continuous use, utilizing high-standard panel technology combined with top-quality components to ensure a longer product lifespan even under harsh conditions.

AG Neovo digital signage display supports Intel SDM.

Intel® SDM Smart Digital Signage Applications

Provides an expandable smart display module slot, offering system integrators a simple-to-install, easy-to-operate, all-in-one digital signage solution.

4K Professional digital signage display supports PID software

Easily Manage Multiple Displays

The software solution for easily managing multiple displays, PID Command & Ctrl, brings unprecedented convenience. Now, you can also remotely control and manage AG Neovo displays while on the go through iOS, Android mobile devices, or laptops and desktops running the Windows system.

Learn about PID Command & Ctrl

Flexible Selection between Portrait/Landscape Display Modes

With professional-grade panels, you can flexibly install in either portrait or landscape orientation depending on the venue or presentation content style.

4K Professional digital signage display supports landscape and portrait orientations 4K Professional digital signage display supports portrait and landscape orientations

4K Standard Commercial Displays

4K commercial digital signage display features ultra hd 3840 x 2160 resolution

Enhanced Level of Detail and Clarity

With 8.3 million pixels, presenting ultra-high Ultra HD quality, the 4K standard digital signage displays enhance image detail and clarity, making the delivered messages more impactful to customers.

4K commercial digital signage display integrates USB and micro SD ports

Quick Playback and Scheduling of Content

The built-in multimedia player allows for easy playback of multimedia content from USB flash drives or Micro SD cards, with simple scheduling by time and date to instantly play the content preferred by customers.

4K commercial digital signage display integrates HDMI, DVI, RS232, LAN

Rich Signal Input and Control

A variety of connection options include HDMI, DVI, USB, RS232, and RJ45 ports, facilitating easy connection to various audio-visual playback devices and control systems.

Full HD Commercial Displays

Full HD digital signage display integrates versatile signal inputs and command ports

Versatile Connectivity, Flexible Content Playback

The Full HD commercial digital signage not only offers standard video terminals like HDMI and DisplayPort but also supports USB media play, allowing you to easily plug in and showcase engaging content. Built with a simple scheduling function, you can easily set up your playback plan, perfectly adapting to your needs whether for business presentations or information dissemination.

Full HD digital signage display provides easy scheduling function.

Effortless Content Scheduling

With the built-in function menu, you can directly perform simple scheduling, effortlessly presenting content to your customers.

Full HD digital signage display integrates RS232 command.

Seamless Integration with Remote Control

Support for RS232 remote control function allows for easy management and adjustment of each digital sign’s settings, making it an ideal choice for multi-screen management scenarios like shopping malls, airports, and schools, offering a smooth and efficient solution for display management.

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