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The Value Choice for Security Essential Environments

The SC-Series monitors with BNC connector designed for 24/7 operation feature Anti-Burn-in™ technology which prevents image retention while performing nonstop in security and surveillance environments. The series also includes enhanced image quality and settings control such as gamma curve selection*, black-level adjustment*, contrast enhancer* and CCTV mode that help create richer images even under unfavourable lighting conditions coming from low light surveillance footage.

Enhanced Image Clarity

The Pre-configured CCTV mode and other quick image settings support low-light video quality enhancement, reproducing more detailed images. Users or installers also allow instantly fine-tune video footage, saving time on installation and testing.

SC-Series security monitors with the CCTV mode and quick image settings reproduce more detailed images

Support BNC Video Output

The SC-Series surveillance monitors with BNC connector provide video loop-through output, allowing to send video from a CCTV camera via a coaxial cable to the monitor directly for instant monitoring.

SC-Series security monitors provide BNC video loop-through options

Great Value Monitors with A Long Lifespan

The SC-Series is designed with a commercial-grade panel to ensure 24/7 continuous operation in the control rooms. Including AG Neovo’s patented Anti-Burn-in technology, these monitors expect a prolonged life for LCD screens and reduce system maintenance efforts.

SC-Series security monitors use a commercial-grade panel to ensure 24/7 continuous operation


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