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Case Study_Pro-aktive Meetings mit AG Neovo

Germany’s ArcelorMittal Elevates Meeting Efficiency with AG Neovo’s PD-55Q Display

ArcelorMittal, in partnership with Elsner Datensysteme GmbH, revolutionised their Bremen meeting room with AG Neovo’s PD-55Q display. This shift from traditional projectors enhanced visuals, promoted attendee interaction, and added a stylish, functional touch to presentations.

IFP Series in ITES 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, Meeting the expectations of trust placed in them by ITES GMBH, with Meetboard™

Thanks to the Meetboard, we can conduct planning and customer meetings as well as internal meetings in a much more…

IFP Series KSV Holstein Kiel 1100x550 1

AG Neovo Meetboard™ IFP-7502, meeting KSV Holstein Kiel’s demand for success

Thanks to the AG Neovo Meetboard, we can now optimally visualize strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide the players…

HX 24 in NEP studio 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, producing great displays to display great production with NEP Sweden

Creating great live content and producing the best quality broadcasts for our clients is made so much easier by having…