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Durable Monitors for Passenger Information Systems

AG Neovo’s transportation monitors for passenger information display systems are designed for more reliable, easier to install, better to maintain and, able to deliver real-time and accurate information in the public sector like the airport terminals, railway stations, on moving vehicles such as buses, trains. With the exclusive NeoTransPro installation suite, the monitors can be effortlessly integrated into the systems. From the heritage of NeoV optical glass screen and metal casing design, the durable monitors reduce the physical damage that can be accidentally caused by passengers.


Onboard Passenger Information System Displays

The TBX-Series is an information display with E-Mark (E13) certification for onboard passenger information systems. It delivers real-time route information, signage content, and surveillance on moving vehicles such as buses, coaches and trains for the transportation industry.

AG Neovo transportation monitors for onboard passenger information system displays


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