Germany’s ArcelorMittal Elevates Meeting Efficiency with AG Neovo’s PD-55Q Display

Case Study_Pro-aktive Meetings mit AG Neovo

About the company

ArcelorMittal is a globally operating steel conglomerate with 158,000 employees worldwide. At their Bremen plant, approximately 3,100 employees produce around 4 million tonnes of rolled steel annually.

The Challenge

ArcelorMittal’s Bremen facility had a 100m² meeting room, which initially utilised a simple projector setup for presentations. This design presented several issues: participants’ views were directed singularly, and ambient light made the projected image hard to discern. The company wanted to maintain the U-shaped table setup but sought a more effective solution that utilised the vacant space within the “U”. They also wanted to enhance media presentation without obstructing the view of attendees seated across the table.

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Our Solution

Elsner Datensysteme GmbH, in collaboration with Media-Sign GmbH, developed a tailored solution based on display stands and AG Neovo’s PD-55Q Display. After rigorous testing, the PD-55Q was selected for its 700cd/m² brightness, VA panel, continuous 24/7 operational capacity, and ability to loop a high-resolution input across five screens swiftly. The display’s flexibility facilitated enhanced communication among attendees, all while ensuring crisp and clear presentation quality.

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ArcelorMittal, in partnership with Elsner Datensysteme GmbH, revolutionised their Bremen meeting room with AG Neovo’s PD-55Q display. This shift from traditional projectors enhanced visuals, promoted attendee interaction, and added a stylish, functional touch to presentations.

Dank der geringen Standhöhe und der Möglichkeit der Neigung wurde hier, auch durch die schmalen Monitorrahmen, eine schicke und leistungsstarke Lösung gefunden, die beim Kunden viel Anklang gefunden hat. Diese Lösung erlaubt einen besseren Dialog innerhalb der Tischanordnung und bietet nun die synergetische Unterstützung medialer Inhalte oder Anbindung externer Konferenzteilnehmer.

Translation: Thanks to the low stand height and tilting capability, a stylish and powerful solution was found, which has been very well received by the customer. This solution allows for improved dialogue within the table arrangement and now offers synergistic support for media content or the inclusion of external conference participants.


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