Aluminium Extension Bar

  • Video wall mounting solution contains VWA-01 extension bar, VWA-04 wall brackets and optional VWM-01 and VWM-02 mounting arms based on installation needs
  • Aluminium extension bar available lengths in 2,000mm

The VWA-01 aluminium extension bar, VMA-04 wall bracket and VWA-05 connecting pin provide the installation of a video wall with convenience. For weak or uneven walls, the extension bar offers to create a perfect flat mounting surface with additional strong construction. For multi-display mounting in one line, applying the extension bars with connecting pins, wall bracket, and additional VWM-01 and VWM-02 mounting arms allows to approach horizontal alignment effortlessly and thus enhance a quick and easy installation.


Data Sheet
VWA-01, 04, 05_DS_V012_20200303
Upload date: 2021-11-09
User Manual
VWM-01 02 & VWA-01 04_UM_20161013
Upload date: 2021-11-09
Product Photo
VWA-01 Aluminium Extension Bar
Upload date: 2021-11-09