Choose the Right Digital Signage Software for Retail Stores

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Brick-and-mortar retail stores have had challenges competing against the ease of online shopping and free shipping. Bring the ease of online shopping into your stores by developing a digital signage network across your stores. 

The cost of printing out and distributing signs to be used for promotional events in your stores will be more expensive in the long run. Digital signage software changes are made in real time and can be rapidly executed.  

The growth of digital signage in 2021 proves it has become an effective marketing tool for retailers and integrators.  Different products and services can be marketed to customers in different locations.

What is Digital Signage Software?

What is Digital Signage Software?

Digital signage software is a content management application to create, schedule, and publish video or multimedia content on deployed displays. The software allows for information broadcast and advertising purposes on the displays.

Static signage is no longer relevant in today’s digital world. If you are a retailer still using print signage in your store, it is time to explore digital signage software options for your business.

Digital Signage Software is the Future of Retailing

Scanning QR Code on retail digital signage

A new word, “Phygital”, describes the intersection between a physical store and a well-coordinated digital signage program. Omnichannel supports a phygital strategy. The physical store and digital signage blur the lines between offline and online.

Instead of relying on weekly print inserts to communicate with customers, brick-and-mortar stores can communicate through their digital signage network. 

Customers can scan QR Codes to check inventory status and find out about the weekly promotion. Digital signage at the cash wrap calls out special products. Customers can be encouraged to sign-up for your Rewards program as they are waiting in line to check out.

Eye-catching Digital Signage Content

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Attracting customers to the eye-catching video content on a digital sign is easy. Walk-by customers can be drawn in based on what they see streaming on your window digital signage.

A fashion retailer with a digital signage display in their store window can attract fashion-conscious customers. A woman walking by the store may try on an outfit based on what she saw on the signage. 

There are many ways to promote products or services in a fun and unique way using digital signage. The options are endless and constantly changing. 

Improved Shopping Experience

Overall, customers have a better in-store shopping experience with digital signage. Shoppers respond to the latest technology in digital signage. In a recent study by Future Stores, 52% of retail respondents claimed that their customers responded very well to digital signage.

Digital signage content is key to supporting in-store retail success. Video content should merge seamlessly with merchandising. Content that generates the most success includes advertising, promotions, and Value -adds.

The placement of the digital signage displays is prime importance for optimal ROI.  In-store merchandisers should determine the hotspots in the store and use A/B testing to see which locations are most successful.

Digital Signage Software Guides the Customer

a girl and a woman is using digital signage to look for info

Your digital signage software can guide your customers through their shopping journey, and you can emphasize your pricing. For instance, you can compare competitor pricing on your network of displays. Encourage your customers to purchase by offering flash sales for a limited time. Get creative to build some in-store excitement.

The best digital signage software is user-friendly and only takes minutes to set up a campaign. The end result should be the customer’s purchase guided by your in-store digital shopping experience. 

Having the best digital signage software to work within your digital signage network is vital. Exploring the options available will help you decide on the right digital signage solution for your business.

Cloud Digital Signage or On-Premise Software

There are two types of digital software available today, on-premise and cloud-based. There are benefits and disadvantages to both options. Before you make your purchase, carefully consider your digital signage options.

on premise software
On-premise Software

On-premise software runs a content management system on your servers on your site. Hardware and other infrastructure are needed for on-premise software to function. This option allows total ownership and control, but you will be responsible for the upkeep and all maintenance of the system. The good idea is to have an IT team on staff to handle upgrades and management.

  • Pros: highly customizable, total ownership and control
  • Cons: infrastructure maintenance, IT staff support
cloud based software
Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software is off-site and is accessed through a web browser. The software is hosted by a vendor server and is not physically located at your site. The providers of cloud servers guarantee responsibility and data security to upgrade the software and are generally based on a subscription model.

  • Pros: not responsible for security or upgrade, flexible and expandable with business scale
  • Cons: incurred cost with upgraded functions

15 Reasons to Choose Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

It can be confusing to choose the best digital signage software. Look below to see why cloud-based software is the best way for your digital signage network.

1. Free Digital Signage Account and Free Template

free digital signage account & free template

Retailers and system integrators must be able to try out the digital signage software product to make an informed decision. When purchasing digital signage software, make sure there is an option for free templates so you can create a campaign and schedule it within minutes.

2. Flexible Pricing

flexible pricing

Digital signage subscription pricing varies based on your individual needs. There are different packages available and plans are usually calculated on a monthly or yearly basis. 

3. User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

You will need a user-friendly interface to use your digital signage software most so anyone at the office can work with the software when needed. Ask for a free demo so you can test the ease of use.

4. Platform Stability and Security

Platform Stability & Security

Digital signage is a visual format so your software should work seamlessly without any interruptions. Data security should be exemplary with an extra layer of protection.

5. Scalability and Expandability

scalability & expandability

Your digital signage software should be able to expand as your business does. Ensure your software provider can run a network from less than 20 displays to over 100.

6. Multi-Screen Control and Synchronization

Multi-Screen Control & Synchronization

If your store has multiple store locations, be sure you can broadcast your content and customize it based on geographical locations. If you have 50 store locations, you’ll want to be able to run different promos based on location. You can synchronize your content geographically

7. Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

Retailers should be able to drag and drop different apps such as live streaming, news, weather, and social media feeds to their digital signage campaigns. Dynamic content is another way to keep customers engaged

8. Content Targeting

Content Targeting

Digital signage software campaigns can be customized. Specific content can be created based on the customer’s sales history and in-store browsing activity. Customers may love a product in the northeast, but it is not as popular in the southwest. Now you can create customized content for your customers. 

9. Emergency Messaging

Emergency Messaging

Digital signage software supports live stream broadcasts and emergency messaging. You can send messages about emergency weather conditions or other crucial announcements to different store locations.

10. Remote Control

Remote Control

It is essential to be able to create your digital signage campaign from home to your home office if needed or during holiday time frames. A good software program will be remote control enabled so changes can be made wherever you can access wifi.

11. Interactivity


Customers expect more digital interaction while shopping. Look for interactive functions such as touch, QR Code, Netmouse, gesture recognition, or voice recognition

12. Analyzing and Reporting

analyzing & reporting

It is important to have a software dashboard for analyzing campaign performance. Your team can look at ROI based on data and determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

13. Save Time

save time

Printing a static sign can be expensive, labor-intensive, and dull. Digital signage software and the creation of a digital signage campaign are at your fingertips.  There is no waiting for proofs or delivery from the printers. 

14. Improve Relationships with Customers

improve relationships with customers

You have a captive audience if you have a business with a waiting area or lines at the cash wrap. Use your digital signage campaign to educate, entertain, sell, and delight your customers. 

15. Re-invent the Retail Experience

re-invent the retail experience

Customers want a great shopping experience when they go into a physical store. E-commerce has made it easy for people to shop from home, giving them a reason to come inside your store.

Omnichannel shopping has become the norm, but 80% of all sales still come offline. Digital signage brings the online shopping experience into the physical store and allows personalized marketing.

Digital signage can offer a customer experience like no other. Content can include sounds, video, text, graphics, and other ways to entice shopping. The opportunities to re-invent retail are at your fingertips with a digital signage platform.  

Promotions and Customer Engagement

Girls are looking at retail digital signage

With digital signage software, you are no longer limited to how many products you can promote. You can quickly turn off promotions on a product that has sold out and put up a replacement product.

Digital signage can create excitement around product launches. Retailers can roll out a new product with curated content and targeted offers. It is easy to build brand awareness when using digital signage.

Some additional ideas for ways to engage customers include displaying your social media sites, highlighting great customer reviews,  showing your website, and running videos of actual customers praising your store.

Digital Signage Solution

The leading digital signage software company, AG Neovo, offers a free cloud-based content management software system to help retailers and integrators deliver significant multi-media messages to their target customers.

So many options, and so little time. Busy professionals prefer one-stop shopping for digital signage. Neovo Signage provides turnkey digital signage solutions, including a wide variety of displays, media players, and cloud-based digital signage software.

With Neovo Signage you can create and schedule digital signage campaigns, manage devices, and update content effortlessly. Neovo signage integrates hardware and software for a seamless experience, offering real-time, flexible, and scalable solutions.

Cloud Software

Cloud-based Software

Users can easily drag and drop content into predetermined layouts by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere by anyone. The Neovo Signage Premium package is highly customizable. You only pay for what you need.

Neovo Signage offers a digital signage software-free version with 100 megabytes of cloud storage and 3 customer layouts.  The premium and free signage software versions allow remote management, but Premium gives you 1000 megabytes and 100 custom layouts.

Signage Apps

Signage Apps

Neovo Signage offers over 25 informative widgets, such as a digital display board, time and weather, RSS feeds, and video streaming web pages that can make real-time and dynamic content for your campaign and help you engage with walk-by customers.

There are many subscription plans that Neovo Signage can provide for trialling the app first, with options to purchase the app for different periods based on your needs.

Digital signage software allows retailers to deliver customized content to their targeted audience at the right time, an effective and successful way to market your business in-store.

Best Turnkey Solution for Digital Signage

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Cloud-based digital signage software that connects to numerous signage displays simply via the internet can be a cost-effective solution for your retail business.

An investment in Neovo Signage results in immersive storytelling of your brand’s story, an exceptional customer experience, sales growth, and valuable data and insights on your customer’s shopping patterns.

Neovo Signage can quickly fulfil all changing marketing needs for your business. Apply Neovo signage to your Retail marketing strategy today to optimize your marketing success.