24-Inch 1080p Surveillance Monitor with BNC Output
SC-24E (S24EA0)

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Versatile connectivity: VGA, HDMI, Composite (BNC), and dual 2W speakers
  • Composite (BNC) passive loop-through output port
  • CCTV picture mode for maximum image detail and clarity in low light footage
  • Designed and developed for continuous 24/7 operation
SC-24E surveillance monitor icons

The SC-24E surveillance monitor with BNC connectivity created for 24/7 operation features Anti-Burn-in™ technology to prevent LCD burn-in from long-hour monitoring. The commercial-grade monitor with Full HD 1080p resolution also includes video enhancement controls such as gamma curve selection, black-level adjustment, and CCTV mode that help create richer images even under unfavourable lighting conditions from low light surveillance video footage.

3-Sided Bezel Less Monitor Increase Productivity

The SC-24E surveillance monitor adopts a seamless 3-sided bezel-less design to create an ideal work environment and reduce gaps between monitors. Perform rapid analysis, manage, and control video sources from all locations. Evolving situations require quick decisions, which seamless monitors can help with.

SC-24E surveillance monitor with 3-Sided Bezel Less Monitor Increase Productivity

Selectable Gamma Settings Improve Image Quality

The SC-24E can capture darker details and enhance image quality with selectable gamma curves, which improve the light, shadows, and colour balance of security camera footage.

AG Neovo SC-24E security monitor with selectable gamma settings improves image clarity

CCTV Mode Maximise Video Camera Images

A pre-configured CCTV mode provides to adjust the display’s video settings such as sharpness, colour temperature, and brightness to maximise image clarity, especially in low light surveillance footage at night.

AG Neovo SC-24E security Monitor equips CCTV Mode


Data Sheet
SC-24E Surveillance Monitor Datasheet V4.1
Upload date: 2021-10-24
User Manual
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 Spanish
Upload date: 2022-02-14
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 TC
Upload date: 2022-02-14
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 SC
Upload date: 2022-02-14
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 Russian
Upload date: 2022-02-14
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 French
Upload date: 2022-02-14
SC-24E User Manual V1.4 English
Upload date: 2022-02-14
Product Photo
SC-24E Surveillance Monitor Photos
Upload date: 2021-10-24
SC-24E Surveillance Monitor CE Declaration
Upload date: 2021-10-24
EEI Label
SC-24E Surveillance Monitor EEI Label
Upload date: 2021-10-24
Technical Drawing
SC-24E Surveillance Monitor Technical Drawing V1.03 - S24E00
Upload date: 2021-10-25