Large 4K Displays with BNC For Video Surveillance

SMQ-Series & TTN-Series

Ideal for Long-Distance Video Surveillance Configurations

The 43″, 55″, 65″, and 75” TTN-Series & SMQ-Series 4K screens are tailor-made for long-distance video security system installations. In addition to its HDMI interface, the series’ BNC connectivity reduces the need for additional wiring for transferring video data from a DVR/NVR to numerous remote displays or directly from one monitor to another. It enables simple remote management and control of multiple-display systems and is compatible with PID Command & Ctrl software. By adopting commercial-grade panels and metal casing, the monitors offer enhanced durability for 24/7 continuous video surveillance.

Reduce the Cost of Transmitting Video to Remote Displays

The series offers a reliable long-distance connection to video surveillance systems and displays thanks to its BNC integration. Without the use of additional converters or boosters, video footage can be sent from DVR/NVR to displays 200 meters away using a BNC connection. The video footage can also be shared and passed through from one display to another.

SMQ-Series 4K displays with BNC to connect camera, DVR and other displays

Works Seamlessly With Existing Cabling

For legacy video surveillance infrastructure with BNC cabling that need to be upgraded to 4K displays, the series is ideal. You won’t need to worry about re-cabling the connection between the camera, DVR, and displays due to the built-in BNC input and output connectivity.

Full HD Display
4K Display

Crisp Video Footage Quality From Multiple Channels

The 3840 x 2160 4K UHD resolution ensures all the captured video footage from multiple DVR and NVR channels is displayed in full detail on the TTN & SMQ-Series displays.

SMQ-Series 4K Displays for video surveillance feature 4K resolution

Designed for 24/7 Continuous Operation

The series has a commercial-grade panel for long-term reliability and 24/7 uninterrupted operation. Additionally, it uses Anti-Burn-in technology to prevent LCD burn-in and to increase the LCD panel's lifespan. The outside metal case improves the cooling system by enhancing heat dissipation, assuring optimal performance in mission-critical security environments.

SMQ-Series 4K displays for video surveillance supports 24/7 operation

Easy Maintenance on Multiple Displays

It has integrated RS232 and LAN control capabilities, which make controlling and integrating many display installations in a control room simple. Along with the exclusive PID Command & Ctrl software, you can remotely manage deployed displays with ease.

SMQ-Series 4K Displays for video surveillance supports PID display management software


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