What is the New Wireless Presentation Solution for Hybrid Meetings?

A group of people is using Meetboard interactive display with FMC-06 mobile cart in a meeting room

Imagine this: when you are back in the office, you’re in a big meeting with important stakeholders. It’s time to show them your content. Unfortunately, your content is spread out on many different devices belonging to people in your business.

There’s the hassle of connecting each device to the projector, and the tangle of different cables you have to deal with. It also isn’t secure and makes it difficult to annotate on slides.

What’s the solution? A wireless presentation system. There are many of these solutions commonly seen on the market now. For example, a USB-connected device with Wi-Fi modules.

The new wireless presentation solution saves you from third-party devices and makes the meeting more engaging and productive.

In this blog, we will introduce the new wireless presentation solution for your hybrid meetings.

What is a Wireless Presentation Solution?

What is a Wireless Presentation Solution?

A wireless presentation solution was once a hardware solution that could integrate other multiple devices with a wireless system using screen mirroring technology.

Usually, it’s made of a box that interlinks various objects needed when one is giving a presentation. These include microphones, cameras, wireless routers, stand-alone displays, and other required peripherals.

Even though you’re integrating other devices wirelessly, you need to use external dongles to connect new devices.

As a result, it can still be a bit of a headache to use the old type of wireless presentation solutions. But now, there is a new solution through software and hardware integration that’s redefining the way wireless interactive presentation works in a collaborative meeting.

With the new wireless presentation software and solution, team members at your business won’t have to worry about connecting so many of their objects in a complicated way, using dongles, and attempting to reconnect constantly.

In the next section, we’ll review how this technology has completely revolutionized the way that business owners run their meetings.

Meeting Behavior is Changing

Many brands already have their own wireless presentation systems for meetings. The hardware can connect to the display via HDMI or VGA inputs, and it can make the display interactive and do screencasting.

You can also do multi-person presentations, add guests easily, and collaborate with various ideas.

While this is all impressive, meeting behavior is changing in many industries. This is because the workspace is becoming modernized.

The main trends now occurring are the use of huddle spaces instead of meeting rooms and BYOM instead of office-provided technology.

A group of people is screen mirroring on Meetboard interactive display in a meeting room

Huddle Spaces

In the past, offices would host their meetings in traditional conference rooms. In these rooms, you can find all the technology needed for any meeting. Additionally, staff and office visitors would go into these rooms for meetings.

Now, huddle spaces for remote or hybrid meetings are the trend. A huddle space is an open space or small room that accommodates meetings, whether attendees are on-site or remote.

This trend is becoming quite popular because teams use informal spaces more often to run their businesses and hold remote meetings.

The external equipment already available from the brands above may not be suitable for this semi-outdoor meeting space. Therefore, a new solution is needed.

Meetboard 3 interactive display is in a huddle space

Bring Your Own Meeting

Back when not everyone had their own laptop, tablet, or smartphone that they used for their own work. Or, a team may want to have several people using several devices leading a presentation, and they may want to write down comments or make edits to files being looked at in a meeting. With the emergence of shared workspaces, working from home or working from anywhere, BYOM is a new trend, a new solution.

BYOM stands for Bring Your Own Meeting. With BYOM, users can bring their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to a collaborative meeting to share all their ideas at the same time on the screen with wireless mirroring technology.

BYOM is a trend that has been making presentation technology progress over the years. This is because now there’s more need to connect these devices seamlessly.

While the solutions mentioned above may have worked in the past, a new one is now clearly necessary. Additionally, IFP has been booming when it comes to presentation technology.

Meetboard 3 interactive display supports screen mirroring function
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

Interactive Flat Panel Adoption is Booming for Hybrid Meetings

The global interactive display market is growing. In fact, its compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 3.69% between 2018 and 2023. The type of interactive display technology with the largest share in 2017 was 70 to 90 inches.

This is because it makes it possible, on a wireless presentation system, to collaborate completely.

No longer is it necessary to fiddle with wires and toggles or to wait longer than you want to when it comes to connecting external devices wirelessly. There is an amazing new solution that makes it possible to seamlessly and collaboratively have a wireless presentation for your conference room.

This is called the interactive whiteboard or interactive display. It has transformed the ecosystem of ordinary wireless presentation systems because users do not need extra devices to perform screen mirroring.

You no longer need to worry about tangled wires, attempting to connect multiple devices, or having issues with multiple people leading a meeting. What technology is the one that will make all of these issues go away?

Meetboard 3 interactive display smart whiteboard app for annotation
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

5 Reasons for Adopting a New Wireless Presentation Solution

There are 5 reasons for adopting a new wireless presentation solution: Meetboard 3 interactive display. These include wirelessly screen share support, no need for accessories, instant annotation, file sharing within seconds, and synchronization with your phone.

1. Video Conferencing Ready

Video conferencing is one of the key efficient ways to communicate with remote staff or clients in the hybrid workplace. To set up a video conferencing platform on the interactive display, you need to think about whether the display can be compatible with the all-in-one camera and video conferencing software.

Connecting the camera to the display is easy. One USB port can help to solve this hardware installation. But you must check whether you need to install camera drivers into the display. Otherwise, the display will not present the video captured by the camera. Now, a few brands are launching interactive displays with a built-in camera as an all-in-one concept. It solves the installation effort and is driver-free. But, the built-in camera specification may not be excellent as dedicated video conferencing brands.

Meetboard _USB Playback
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

Meetboard 3 is ready to support most of the current all-in-one video conferencing cameras. Once the camera is connected to Meetboard via a USB cable, the camera will be automatically active to go. With the Android-based open-source platform, Meetboard 3 supports you to download your preferred video conferencing app’s APK file from the provider’s official website and install it back on Meetboard 3.

2. Synchronization on Your Device

With screencasting applications, you can make your hybrid meeting more focused and engaging. There’s support for AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast. It’s easy to screencast from any participant’s mobile phone, tablet, or laptop if their devices and Meetboard 3 are in the same Wi-Fi network.

It is convenient when screen mirroring can be done via iOS AirPlay, Android Miracast, and Chromecast with just a quick click.

Meetboard 3 Interactive Display Supports wireless Screen Mirroring & Control From Other Devices
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

Here also comes a powerful feature: the Bytello Share App, which is a multi-screen casting software embedded in Meetboard 3. This app allows up to 9 device screens to mirror images, files, cameras or live-streaming videos simultaneously on Meetboard, and allows devices to control Meetboard and multiple Meetboards remotely simultaneously.

With the combination of adopting video conferencing apps, meetings can be viewed remotely on Meetboard, and on-site participants can also share ideas with remote colleagues easily via wireless screen mirroring technology.

Considering that many people are currently working from home, and this is probably going to be a trend that continues, having the capability to lead meetings from various devices is impressive remotely.

3. Instant Annotation & Easy-to-Use Tools

Meeting attendees can draw, circle, erase and share their annotations on the Meetboard Whiteboard App and other apps or videos. Meetboard 3 has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-recognize app icons.

Supported by 20 multi-touch technology, Meetboard 3 allows speakers to use one finger to tap and annotate, two fingers to scroll and zoom in and out of the screen, and use their palms to erase—all at once. Or, they can use the included two-headed stylus to draw with two different colors.

This is incredibly intuitive and tech-free. Whatever the technological skills of people are, they’ll be able to quickly use their hand or the stylus to do what they need to if they want to be impressive and persuasive during a meeting.

Additionally, users can open Microsoft Office and PDF files to annotate via the built-in WPS App.

You can also use the built-in Browser to open any third-party Whiteboard app to enhance your collaborations, such as Google Jamboard and Microsoft Whiteboard.

With the instant annotation and other connectivity options covered here, you can see why Meetboard 3 is such a great choice for hosting any meeting. It gives you all the flexibility you need.

Meetboard 3 has an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use tools
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

4. File Sharing Within Seconds

Sometimes, when you’re hosting a meeting, participants can’t bring their own laptops. So, if you’re looking for a solution to this problem, Meetboard 3 is it. Meetboard 3 makes the sharing of meeting notes and files possible for any attendees, without any restrictions.

The first way to share files within seconds is with the QR Code scan and save option.

The QR Code function is embedded within the Meetboard Whiteboard App. Participants can scan the QR Code. After this, they can view, download and share the meeting minutes on any of their portable devices.

Another way to share files is with Cloud Drive. Attendees can easily transfer their files through cloud connectivity on Meetboard 3. The Meetboard App provides two cloud storage options: OneDrive and Google Drive.

Finally, participants can also use email to share their meeting minutes. Worried about privacy issues? There isn’t any need for this.

With Meetboard 3, you have the embedded email function. Because it’s embedded, you can send it quickly and safely so that whoever needs the meeting minutes can get them immediately.

Meetboard_File sharing_USB_Cloud_QRcode
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display

5. No Accessories, No Worries

One of the best benefits of the Meetboard 3 interactive display is that you don’t need extra devices in the room. No longer will you have to deal with the days of everyone cluttering all their laptops, phones, and iPads on the table, taking too much space.

Instead, you can seamlessly screen mirror any device on Meetboard 3 with this wireless presentation technology. This will not only be easier, but it will also make your company look more professional in the eyes of clients, investors, and potential partners.

There will be an actual room at the table for more coffee and tea—and you’ll have more seating room, too.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about a small device being stolen by other external guests. If you’ve ever had this problem, you won’t have to anymore.

Everyone will come in with their devices and leave with them, too.

Meetboard 3 Interactive Display with FMC-06 Mobile Cart
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display with FMC-06 Mobile Cart


Now that we’ve reviewed everything you need to know about the new wireless presentation solution, you’ve learned about the reasons for adopting Meetboard 3 interactive display and how meeting trends are changing in the business industry.

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