Tips: How to Do Video Conferencing on Meetboard® Interactive Displays

Meetboard Demo Room_Video Conference

Nowadays, video conferencing is a very common requirement in most meeting rooms and even classrooms, in order to communicate remotely with your colleagues or students.

Today, our product manager will show you how Meetboard® is ready for video conferencing and how to host a Zoom meeting.

How to Do Video Conferencing on Meetboard®

Setting up a video conference camera is very easy. Now, in this room, we have already installed a Logitech video conference camera.

You can easily connect the video camera to Meetboard via USB cable, and Meatboard will automatically detect it without any further driver installation.

How to Use Zoom on Meetboard®

Meetboard is running Android OS, which means if you could get your hands on an APK file of the conference app of your choice you can go ahead and install it.

So, let me show you how to get Zoom.

In order to download Zoom, you can head to the Zoom website. Click on resources and select “Download Zoom Client.”

download Zoom client on Zoom website

Over here, you can select “download from Google Play”, or you can download directly from Zoom.

So, in this case, we can just download directly from Meetboard.

download an APK file from Zoom

Once you have downloaded the APK file, all you need to do is head to the Finder App and on the download folder. You will find the application you just recently downloaded.

a Zoom APK file on Finder app

You can double-tap the application and install it right away.

Zoom app installed on Meetboard

After installation, you can head back to the home screen, and you can tap on the app’s icon here where you will find Zoom and any other of your preferred video conference applications.

Zoom app on app screen

Host a Zoom Meeting on Meetboard®

So now, I’m going to host a meeting. In order to start the meeting, you can go to the meeting section of the application and you’ll see your scheduled meetings.

open a Zoom meeting on Meetboard

Once you select the meeting, you can click “Start.”

start the meeting on Zoom

Now that your meeting is started, you can accept the participants here.

accept participants on a Zoom meeting

So now, you can share your camera or you can share the screen of Meetboard. I will show you how to share the screen.

You can tap on the “Share” icon at the bottom and select “Screen.”

share screen with participants on Zoom

Once you have tapped on that icon, you have shared the entire screen of Meetboard.

So, you can go ahead and you can open the whiteboard application, or you can open a PDF presentation.

In this case, I have one ready here. So, you can present and people can see your presentation remotely at the same time.

open a PDF presentation file and share screen on Meetboard

If you have your preferred video conference applications like Teams or GoToMeeting APK files, you can also install that on Meetboard and host your video conference.

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