55" 4K Commercial-grade LCD Display for Video Surveillance

  • Robust Design: Front IP22, back IK10 metal housing for peak durability.
  • Designed for 24/7: Built for relentless, round-the-clock performance.
  • Anti-Burn-in Technology: Prevents image ghosting, ensuring lasting image quality.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Features VGA, DVI, HDMI, Composite (BNC) inputs, and BNC outputs for complete device compatibility.
  • Control & Command: Supports RS232 and LAN for easy remote control.

Unmatched Clarity and Reliability for High-Stakes Surveillance

The TTN-5501 55” LCD display is engineered for critical surveillance in environments like transportation hubs, retail stores, and manufacturing sites, offering exceptional operational excellence 24/7. Its robust construction ensures longevity, and its comprehensive connectivity alongside advanced remote management capabilities streamline operations. Designed specifically for crucial surveillance and property security, the TTN-5501 delivers crystal-clear, detailed video footage with 4K resolution, boosting security efficacy in demanding conditions.

Unyielding Reliability and Durability

Exceptional Front Protection

Experience outstanding durability with our IP22-rated LCD display, crafted to withstand dust and water. The front panel is enhanced with IK08 hardness glass, providing superior scratch resistance and maintaining clarity and resilience over time.

Superior Backside Endurance

Fortified with an IK10-rated housing, the LCD display offers unrivaled protection against vandalism, ideal for use in public spaces and areas without supervision. Its durable metal casing supports effective heat dissipation, ensuring consistent performance under continuous operation.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Proudly manufactured in Taiwan, the LCD display epitomizes top-tier production quality. This commitment guarantees a product that not only integrates advanced technology but also offers peerless durability and reliability, standing out in the most challenging situations.

Designed for Non-Stop Performance

Round-the-Clock Reliability

With specialised public information display panels, our LCD displays are engineered for 24/7 continuous operation, embodying resilience and ensuring your operations are uninterrupted.

Advanced Thermal Management

An innovative heat control sensor and a fan-based cooling system actively manage temperatures, maintaining reliability 24/7. Exceeding temperature thresholds triggers alarms, preventing overheating for consistent performance.

Energy Efficiency

EcoSmart Technology dynamically adjusts backlighting based on environmental lighting, reducing power consumption by 30-50%. This feature not only saves energy but also supports sustainable operation, essential for businesses aiming to minimise their ecological impact while maintaining constant surveillance.

Optimal Image Quality Assurance for video surveillance

Consistent Clarity & Extended Lifespan

Anti-burn-in technology prevents static image degradation, preserving image quality over time and maintaining the clarity and accuracy of surveillance footage, critical for security analysis and decision-making.

Consistent Clarity & Extended Lifespan

Anti-burn-in technology prevents static image degradation, preserving image quality over time and maintaining the clarity and accuracy of surveillance footage, critical for security analysis and decision-making.

4K Resolution for Unmatched Detail

Elevate your surveillance with our LCD display’s 4K resolution, providing brilliant clarity and detail. This high-definition feature ensures every surveillance footage pixel is sharp, facilitating the identification of fine details and critical visual information.

TTN_4K Resolution

Optimal Brightness for Clear Visibility

Designed with optimal brightness levels to ensure clear visibility in various lighting conditions. Whether in bright daylight or dim environments, the enhanced brightness keeps surveillance footage visible and detailed, aiding effective monitoring and decision-making.

Night Surveillance Enhancement

Our LCD displays enhance black levels to reveal details in night-captured surveillance footage, ensuring even scenes recorded at night are presented with clarity, aiding in thorough monitoring and analysis.

TTN_Night mode

Sharper Images & Improved Recognition

By increasing image sharpness and detail, the LCD display facilitates easier identification of texts, objects, and activities within the surveillance footage, a critical factor in accurate surveillance and security operations.

TTN_Super Resolution

Seamless Integration and Enhanced
Control for Superior Surveillance

Comprehensive Device Integration

A wide range of input options ensures compatibility with various surveillance devices, simplifying system integration for a cohesive and efficient setup.

Efficient Control & PID Software Compatibility

RS232 and LAN interfaces offer centralised control and remote management, enhancing functionality and adaptability of complex systems. This feature facilitates streamlined operations across surveillance centres, integrating seamlessly with PID software.

Effortless BNC Loop-Through Expansion

Our LCD display’s BNC loop-through enables quick and efficient signal extension to multiple devices, ensuring continuous image display across monitors, even if one connection fails. Ideal for maintaining seamless surveillance in large-scale setups.

Landscape/Portrait Capability

Designed for versatile installation, our commercial-grade display supports both landscape and portrait orientations, catering to the specific needs of any surveillance or information display setting.

Versatile Mounting Options

With support for 400 x 200 mm VESA mounts, the LCD display enables versatile installation options, including wall and ceiling mounts, enhancing space utilization and optimizing viewing angles for diverse surveillance setups.


Data Sheet
TTN-5501 Datasheet V1.0
Upload date: 2024-04-11
User Manual
TTN-5501 User Manual V1.0 English
Upload date: 2024-04-10
TTN-5501 User Manual V1.0 French
Upload date: 2024-04-10
TTN-5501 User Manual V1.0 German
Upload date: 2024-04-10
TTN-5501 User Manual V1.0 Spanish
Upload date: 2024-04-10
TTN-5501 User Manual V1.0 TC
Upload date: 2024-04-10
Product Photo
TTN-5501 Product Photos
Upload date: 2024-04-10
EEI Label
TTN-5501 EEI Label
Upload date: 2024-04-10
Technical Drawing
TTN-5501 Technical Drawing V1.01 - TT5510
Upload date: 2024-04-10