A couple is passing by digital signage in front of a retail store

Choose the Right Digital Signage Software for Retail Stores

Digital signage plays a key role in continual communication within a retail business and is vital within any industry. Check out this article for digital signage success tips.

Meetboard Demo Room_Airplay

Tips: Screen Sharing & Wireless Presentation on Meetboard® Interactive Displays

This blog will demonstrate how to use AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast to do screen mirroring from your own personal devices on Meetboard.

Meetboard Demo Room_Video Conference

Tips: How to Do Video Conferencing on Meetboard® Interactive Displays

This blog will demonstrate how Meetboard is ready for video conferencing and how to host a Zoom meeting on Meetboard.

Meetboard Demo Room _Digital Whiteboard App

Tips: How to Use Digital Whiteboard on Meetboard® Interactive Displays

This blog will demonstrate how to use Meetboard, Google Jamboard, and PC-based Microsoft whiteboard applications on Meetboard.

Meetboard Demo Room _Instant Annotation Tool

Tips: Instant Annotation Tool on Meetboard® Interactive Displays

This blog will demonstrate how to annotate a markup using our annotation tool. You can annotate on any application or any video input via Meetboard.


Commercial Display or Consumer TV? A Professional Buyer’s Guide

Learn how to choose a commercial display or a consumer TV that would be the best option in a semi-outdoor environment. Click to read this guide.

A busy industrial environment equipped with AG Neovo surveillance cameras and monitors.

7 Key Reasons to Invest in Commercial-Grade Surveillance Monitors for Security

When you’re installing surveillance monitors and a camera system on your property, you want to know that the system is…

How to Choose the Right SDI Monitor

How to Choose the Right SDI Monitor for Your Surveillance System

A report on the global video surveillance market had a value of $45.5 billion in 2019. The compound annual growth…

Interactive digital signage is used during Covid-19 pandemic in a metro

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Digital Signage During Pandemic

In this blog, we will introduce interactive digital signage and investigate what features the digital signage software – Neovo Signage can benefit our society and support us to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to choose the right digital signage displays to broadcast your content?

Digital Signage Display, How to Choose?

In this blog, we’ll focus on the larger-sized digital screen and explore the types of digital signage displays. In addition to looking at the best screens, we will recommend the ideal displays that could be most useful to meet different commercial needs.

AG Neovo 電腦液晶螢幕清潔示意圖

How To Clean Computer Monitor Screen Safely?

Do you know most of the computer screens that you see in everyday life cannot be effectively cleaned or disinfected…

interactive flat panel

Interactive Flat Panel Comparison

Here’s an in-depth comparison of interactive flat panels focusing on the user interface and functionalities. It covers five key factors when you choose an interactive flat panel display for meetings. Click to read more.