55-Inch 1080p 500 Nits Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Display
PN-55D (PN5DB0)

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 3.5 mm ultra-narrow bezel for seamless LCD video walls
  • 500 nits high brightness for semi-outdoor installation
  • Anti-Burn-in technology prevents image ghosting
  • Versatile connectivity: DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite, Component

The PN-55D 55-inch ultra-narrow bezel video wall display is designed for professional video wall applications. Given the built-in scheduler, OPS slot, and UniWall™ function, the premium display is easy to set up and maintain up to 10×10 display configuration. With its Full HD 1080p resolution, 500 nits brightness and premium-grade panel, visually stunning video walls can display in demanding environments — from large public venues to 24/7 operation control rooms.

Professional Video Walls

55-inch ultra-narrow bezel 3.5mm professional video wall display creates seamless images for an uninterrupted visual experience. For a complete video wall set up, up to 10×10 tiling is supported via DisplayPort and DVI interfaces.

The PN-55D/55H ultra narrow bezel video wall display is 3.5 mm bezel to bezel width

IPS Panel for 24/7 Use

Designed for 24/7 operation, this video wall display is produced to meet the highest standard of IPS panel technology and take advantage of superior components to ensure a long product lifetime in demanding environments.

PN-Series narrow bezel video wall display is made of commercial panel for 24/7 operation

Patented Anti-Burn-in™ Technology

To combat the effects of traditional LCD burn-in or ghosting, AG Neovo utilises its patented Anti-Burn-in Technology to prevent image burn-in and assure the extended life span for displays.

Comparison between video wall panels with and without AG Neovo Anti-burn-in technology

Colour Calibration for Video Wall Setup

Screen colour varies when temperature changes or after long-term use. AG Neovo offers the colour calibration tool which detects each area by the sensors on the screens and automatically fine-tune the colour in depth and details for large-scale display installations.


*This requires consultation with AG Neovo sales representative.

Comparison between before and after colour adjustment of PN-Series video wall displays

Built-in HeatControl Sensors

The built-in HeatControl Sensors automatically activate the internal cooling fans when the temperature rises.

PN-Series video wall display has a built-in HeatControl sensor

Embedded Image Enhancer

The embedded image enhancer features a 3D Comb Filter, 3D Deinterlace, and Noise Reduction to solve image issues – offer crystal clarity to the most demanding environments.

AG Neovo's PN-Series narrow bezel video wall display has embedded image enhancer

Integrated Content Scheduler

The built-in integrated scheduler in the OSD menu allows you to easily broadcast content based on source, time, and day by IR remote control.

AG Neovo's PN-Series video wall display has a content scheduling setting


Data Sheet
PN-55D Datasheet V4.3
Upload date: 2021-10-21
User Manual
PN-55D User Manual V1.2 TC
Upload date: 2022-01-17
Product Photo
PN-55D Product Photos
Upload date: 2021-10-21
PN-55D CE Declaration
Upload date: 2021-08-06
Command List
PN-55D RS232 Command List
Upload date: 2021-08-06
Technical Drawing
PN-55D Technical Drawing V1.04 - PN5DA0 PN5DB0
Upload date: 2021-08-06