AG Neovo Unveils the ME-Series: A New Benchmark in Clinical Review Monitors for Modern Medical Workstations


AG Neovo is thrilled to announce the launch of the ME-Series, a line of clinical review monitors that includes the 24″ 27″ and 32″ (ME-2401/ME-2701/ME-3201) models, each designed to redefine document scrutiny and electronic medical records (EMR) evaluation in clinics. These monitors combine meticulous detail with crisp image quality, ergonomic flexibility, and the assurance of safety with IEC/EN 60601-1 certification, ensuring that every aspect of patient care is enhanced.

The ME-Series represents AG Neovo’s vision for a more efficient, safe, and comfortable healthcare environment. These displays are not just tools but vital partners in healthcare delivery, designed to seamlessly integrate into any medical workstation,from nursing stations to mobile medical carts, facilitating document review,data monitoring, and clinical imaging with ease and reliability.

- Jack Yu
CEO at AG Neovo Technology B.V

Certified Safety for Peace of Mind

With an IEC/EN60601 certified power adaptor, the ME-Series meets the strictest safety standards, providing a safe and reliable solution for any healthcare environment. This commitment to safety highlights AG Neovo’s dedication to delivering high-quality, dependable medical equipment.

Designed for Flexibility and Comfort

Understanding the dynamic needs of the healthcare industry, the ME-Series boasts sophisticated ergonomic designs and VESA mounting compatibility. Whether it’s for a traditional desk setup or the fast-paced world of medical trolleys, these monitors promise versatility and adaptability.

Seamless Integration and Connectivity

Featuring a standard 100 x 100mm VESA specification, the ME-Series allows for effortless mounting, complemented by HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces for comprehensive connectivity options. This facilitates seamless integration with existing medical systems, enhancing the efficiency of medical workstations.

Advanced Eye-Care for Extended Use

AG Neovo is committed to the health and comfort of medical professionals. The ME-Series minimizes eye strain through flicker-free performance and a protective blue light filter, ideal for prolonged use in clinical settings.

Enhanced Clarity for EMR and Document Management

The ME-Series boasts a 2MP (1920 x 1080) resolution across all models, providing unmatched clarity essential for reviewing electronic medical records (EMR) and other important documents. This high-resolution imaging facilitates seamless integration into medical workflows, enabling healthcare professionals to efficiently manage and review patient files with confidence in the accuracy and detail of the displayed information.

Experience the transformation the ME-Series can bring to your healthcare facility. For more information, visit here.

About AG Neovo

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