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In a market that’s awash with interactive flat panels, it seems more tricky than ever to find the best performance available that fits your budget and business needs. What’s the difference between interactive flat panels in the market and what are the main factors to review and compare from various interactive displays? 

There are simply too many touchscreens in the global interactive flat panel market, with the vast majority targeted for meeting rooms or conference-based collaboration. Many of the products available are produced by very few specialists in the field of interactive displays, especially the interactive display is one of the High-Tech Business Trends in 2020, resulting in plenty of identical hardware specifications such as 4K definitions, I/O ports, and viewing angles.

Far too many interactive flat panel brands adopt the same rudimentary user interface and user experience software from their manufacturers’ design without applying any thought to the needs of their target audiences, and how customizing UI and UX to suit its purpose could help customers.

For the vast majority of businesses, companies, or corporations, time really does mean money. It means that meetings should be progressive, efficient, and as succinct as possible.

It also illustrates the importance of choosing the best interactive displays for business, and why comparing existing models in the market can ultimately lead to your business saving significant amounts of hours in the meeting rooms.

The greatest interactive flat panel displays offer businesses so much more than visual appeal. They offer both time and convenience that can help make all the difference in meeting deadlines and delegating tasks.

In fact, according to Barco’s whitepaper, The Future of Meetings, as much as 79% of professionals based in Europe prefer short meetings to longer ones. Representing over three-quarters of respondents, it’s clear that the preference for meetings is to deliver tangible information and clarity over a shorter space of time, rather than reiterating points in superfluous detail.

Naturally, this is where an effective interactive flat panel display can make a wealth of difference to attentiveness and meeting lengths. Display manufacturers that excel in developing intuitive and simplified UI and UX software will help to reduce meeting times and eliminate the learning curves associated with usage. In turn, this will aid users in finding the functions they need without losing valuable minutes where concentration and productivity are lost.

The average duration of a meeting is currently 31-60 minutes. This is significant because it highlights the importance of using time effectively to ensure talking points are addressed and tasks are well delegated. Using an interactive flat panel with an optimized UI means that meetings can seamlessly commence without the need for familiarisation or setting up content.

The need for efficiency in flat panel displays is further emphasized by the fact that the average attention span among healthy teenagers and adults is commonly estimated to range from 10 to 20 minutes. If you’re busy setting up a PowerPoint presentation for seven minutes at the beginning of your meeting, you’ve run the risk of squandering the majority of your audience’s attention.

In a business environment where time genuinely means money, using the right interactive flat panel display could ultimately save companies a significant amount of money. With this in mind, it’s important to conduct some research into which products offer the most efficient user interfaces.

AG Neovo Interactive flat panel display

What is the Difference Between Interactive Flat Panels?

User interface and user experience will be the key difference between various interactive flat panel displays. Customized UI & UX plays an important role in creating efficient, collaborative, and productive meetings without any learning curve. The users will not waste time finding functions in the meetings. 

Here’s an in-depth comparison of how UI and UX software can make all the difference in terms of getting your meetings to strike a chord with your audience. We’ll also review the quality of mirroring functions available on the market as well as the ease of sharing meeting results. When conducting business meetings, it’s vital that the features of your interactive screens are suitable for your meeting rooms, conference rooms, or huddle rooms, helping to create an air of productivity throughout.

1. How Fast Is It to Start a Meeting in the First Place?

Home Screen Launcher Comparison

Interactive flat panel displays typically showcase their functions on their home screen launcher. It helps to show users their options quickly and provides them with a convenient platform for jumping into meeting content. When exploring the functions listed on a home screen, it’s important to think about what the purposes of the meeting are.

When you turn on your interactive panel, the home screen launcher will be the first interface that both you and the meeting attendees see. Here, it’s important to check that your screen is offering a clear direction as to how the meeting can get started.

AG Neovo's Meetboard interactive flat panel display home screen launcher
AG Neovo Meetboard
Competitor's home screen launcher
Other Interactive Flat Panel

Here, it’s important to note that there are essentially four kinds of meetings: information meetings, discussion & collaboration meetings, check-in meetings, and working meetings. No matter what sort of meeting you’re looking to set up, the most frequent action you’ll take will always involve flitting through presentation files, scribbling down brainstorming sessions, or sharing your files from a mobile device or notebook.

Through our range of intuitive interactive panels, AG Neovo Meetboard provides a straightforward entrance to guide users in choosing how they’re going to set up meetings. These interactive screens seek to put usability at the forefront of our products – which means users can simply choose between opening presentation files, setting up brainstorming annotations, or rapidly sharing content from both smartphones or a laptop.

Emphasizing the importance of saving time, it’s also vital that wasteful distractions are kept to a minimum. Alongside key functions, there could also be additional features showing on other parts of a display. Some brands are happy to bolster their array of features on their UI as a means of showing how much they offer. But oftentimes, this can distract users and only lead to more confusion when setting meetings up.

2. How to Setup Wireless and LAN Connectivity?

Home Screen Indicator Comparison

Home screens are also likely to have various indicators, helping users to ensure that their LAN or Wifi connections are secured before commencing a meeting.

Indicators provide assistance for both IT support and meeting attendants. For IT support, indicators can help them to explore the internet settings for a meeting room and make adjustments and adaptations immediately by touching icons.

AG Neovo's Meetboard interactive flat panel home screen indicator
AG Neovo Meetboard
Competitor's home screen indicator
Other Interactive Flat Panel

This is an extremely useful asset in situations where a meeting is about to take place and timing is of the essence. For non-customized UI/UX interactive panel displays, IT personnel would need to go to the effort of accessing settings pages and choosing from a range of connectivity subcategories to effectively configure the display settings.

For attendees, these indicators can provide detailed connectivity information without the need to delve into excessive menus. This can help if a USB connection is required to kick off a meeting, or if an HDMI port needs to be used, and so on.

3. How Easy to Write Down the Notes?

Whiteboard App Toolbar Comparison

Interactive whiteboard functionality is regarded as an industry standard when it comes to interactive flat panel displays, and rightly so. It’s one of the most important apps that can be used in any meeting scenario.

When initiating a brainstorm or conducting a quick meeting, the best interactive panel should make the team based on fostering a productive environment where every attendee has the opportunity to contribute their thoughts.

AG Neovo's Meetboard interactive screen whiteboard app toolbar
AG Neovo Meetboard
Competitor's whiteboard app toolbar
Other Interactive Flat Panel

The beauty of digital whiteboard functionality is that they provide everybody in the room a chance to freely share and team post what’s on their mind in a short space of time. Ideas can be collected swiftly and freely discussed without the need for formatting a presentation or preparing slides.

Given the importance of keeping attendees engaged, digital whiteboards allow discussions to carry on flowing without any time-consuming typing or menu navigation – this helps to prevent distractions for participants. To aid the progression of whiteboard-based brainstorming, the most frequently used tools within this function tend to revolve around writing and erasing.

AG Neovo Meetboard features a digital whiteboard app that’s built solely on a simple and intuitive design that caters to the essential annotation tools that users would expect. This helps to remove distracting, superfluous fancy thrills that some competitors cram into their apps and aids users in focusing purely on conducting a high-quality, efficient meeting.

The whole point of AG Neovo’s Meetboad interactive flat panel display is to make sure that meetings can take place without the risk of messy, time-consuming fumbling through menus for features, troubleshooting solutions, and pointless tools.

We believe that meetings should be engaging throughout and should always respect the time of all participants. With this in mind, our whiteboard app functions are streamlined to help maintain the flow of meetings. While other brands have opted to broaden their circling features, pen types, fonts, and so on, the array of different effects can sometimes cause more confusion among attendees, while those conducting the meeting could risk wasting time deliberating their content preferences before even engaging in the app.

The true art of utilizing interactive flat panel displays in meetings is that the technology can help to create powerfully engaging, succinct presentations without organizers compromising on any of their information in the process. It also illustrates that while interactive flat panel comparisons exist showing an array of features and home screen functions, it’s worth asking whether they’ll really have a positive impact on the length of the meetings that your business is holding, or whether they’ll only serve to bring confusion to attendees.

4. How Easy to Share Content from Mobile Devices?

Screen Mirroring Comparison

According to the aforementioned Barco survey, as much as 66% of us take at least two devices into meetings. Whether they are notebooks, Chromebook, android devices, or iOS devices, it can be imperative that various advanced technology has the power to comfortably communicate with one another to help a meeting take place smoothly.

How easy is it for interactive flat panel displays to support wireless mirroring in order to help participants share their ideas?

AG Neovo's Meetboard interactive touchscreen supports Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast
AG Neovo Meetboard
Competitor's screen sharing functions
Other Interactive Flat Panel

AG Neovo Meetboard has the ability to not only integrate the full version of the reputable ScreenShare Pro application for two-way screen mirroring between the displays and mobile devices but it can also allow meeting attendees to wirelessly mirror content for up to six mirroring screens without the need to install 3rd party app into mobile devices. In terms of comparing other interactive screen products, they may only offer trial versions of mirroring apps as part of their onboard software. This could lead to businesses having to fork out for fully equipped applications or face being left with limited functions.

The AG Neovo Meetboard interactive display can also support AirPlay and Chromecast in the same wireless network. This means that iPhone/iPad and chrome browser attendees won’t even be required to type in codes anymore to display content – simply choose either an AirPlay or cast function from a Chrome browser to directly share the content from a mobile device or a laptop on the flat panel display in a time-efficient manner.

Compared to other brands, mobile deceive users may need to download a supporting application before gaining the ability to mirror content if the display fails to offer AirPlay or Chromecast mirroring compatibility. This more arduous, long-winded approach would also leave users having to input matching codes to mirrored devices before being allowed to display their content. In a business world where timing is of the essence, such monotonous administrative tasks can soak up employee attention spans and eat into vital meeting minutes.

The irony of the interactive panel s that so many displays that claim to boast advanced features still fail to offer both AirPlay and Chromecast functionality despite the vast majority of smartphones coming readily equipped with the technology.

It’s simple but essential features such as these that make the task of finding the right interactive flat panel display more difficult for users than, say, buying a smartphone. Competitors may be offering more and more advanced hardware and graphical features, but the true significance in meeting room situations comes in the form of superior UI and UX software. Given the potential that meetings can hold for attendees who are likely to have plenty of first-hand insights to share, it’s a significant disadvantage for companies to offer a level of mirroring capability that’s already inferior to those offered by the majority of modern smartphone manufacturers.

5. How Easy to Share Results?

Email Sharing Comparison

The best interactive panel manufacturers know that meetings don’t end when slideshows are complete and contributions to whiteboards have ended. As we’ve already acknowledged, adult attention spans are relatively short, so it’s important to have the ability to conveniently share meeting results to all attendees without consuming any more time than necessary.

Once again, Barco’s insights show that “no published results” and “inconclusive” are the most frequent complaints regarding meetings in the United States, so how can businesses share meetings for all attendees in order to act on follow-up actions?

AG Neovo's Meetboard interactive flat panel display email sharing to groups
AG Neovo Meetboard
Competitors' email sharing
Other Interactive Flat Panel

In many industries, aftercare is key, and meeting technology is no different. Luckily, many interactive flat panel displays, including AG Neovo’s Meetboard offer plenty of ways to share meeting results, including the ability to save files to a personal google drive, one drive, QR code scan and save, or making a save directly to a computer’s internal memory or that of an external USB drive.

While all of the aforementioned sharing functions are viable approaches to the distribution of meetings and minutes, the files are still needed to be handled by the individual and the individual conducting the meeting would be required to send out the saved file retrieved from google drive in order to inform all attendees via email. This level of work simply eats into the working hours of many people and should be rendered redundant with the quality of technology available today.

AG Neovo’s Meetboard interactive flat panel display has actively integrated an email function into its whiteboard app. This means that whenever a meeting concludes, the host will be able to directly email the contents of the meeting to all attendees immediately while still using the display. Essentially, this means that all attendees could receive an email summary of the meeting that’s taken place within seconds of concluding – allowing them to instantly revisit significant moments and keep their ideas or possible feedback feeling fresh.

Once again, features like integrated email functionality are often overlooked by decision-makers when it comes to comparing interactive flat panel displays. While it’s understandable that many businesses are conditioned towards looking for the most advanced hardware, invaluable features that actively save both hosts and attendees alike time that can be reallocated somewhere else are significant and deserves attention.


In a world that’s driven by time efficiency, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the majority of professionals in Europe strongly favor shorter meeting times. This, coupled with the commonly accepted 10-20 minute attention span among adults has indicated that meetings in the 2020s should be more focused than ever on time efficiency and convenience.

The best interactive panels help to supply plenty of convenience for businesses and individuals alike. With many displays utilizing UI and UX interfaces that offer interactive whiteboard compatibility, it’s never been easier for a room full of participants to feel more engaged and more comfortable sharing their ideas and insights.

Despite the market for this type of meeting technology becoming increasingly congested, many of the manufacturers of interactive flat panel displays fail to provide the level of compatibility and usability that can truly help businesses to streamline their meetings and appeal to the limited attention spans of rooms.

While other brands have focused on pushing more redundant features into their products, AG Neovo developed Meetboard, a powerful display with a streamlined interface and powerful features where it matters most.

Through products like AG Neovo Meetboard, new technology in the meeting rooms of businesses worldwide could no longer be the madness issue that it once was for employees, and they should really begin to deliver on the requirements set upon them by the contemporary meeting room.

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Interactive Flat Panel Comparison – Meetboard vs. Others

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