Square Monitors for Video Surveillance


Security Monitor for Analogue Video Surveillance

The SX-Series features commercial-grade security monitors specifically for analogue video monitoring and surveillance. It is equipped with analogue and digital connectivity as well as DisplayPort, VGA, BNC input and output for video looping and HDMI input. Built to meet the rigorous demands of 24/7 operations, SX-Series can display high performance and stable image quality with AG Neovo’s Anti-Burn-in™ technology, preventing image ghosting and ensuring professionals view the present video footage. Coupled with NeoV™ Optical Glass and metal casing, the display is shielded from incidental damage and impact to withstand in critical environments. For those professionals who still use security cameras with a 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio, SX-Series security monitors offer great options to meet security demands.

Perfect for Analogue Surveillance Systems

Many systems still require square format 4:3 or 5:4 aspect ratio security monitors. They well match the video signals of NTSC and PAL analogue cameras. AG Neovo SX-Series offers both 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratio monitors for analogue video surveillance systems.

AG Neovo SX-Series square monitors are perfect for analogue surveillance systems

Image Enhancement Technology

The Pre-configured CCTV mode and super-resolution technology enable users instant fine-tune videos to present more details in low-light footage.

Multiple Connections and Video Loop Out

With more input and output connectors, the SX-Series also provide Composite (CVBS) video loop-through outputs. This allows connecting a CCTV camera to the monitor and sending the video signal to the second device for instant monitoring.

Designed for 24/7 Continuous Use

The SX-Series adopt high-grade LCD panels to ensure around-the-clock use. Strengthened with metal housing and hard glass screen protection, engineered for image burn-in prevention, the monitors are reliable for 24/7 continuous surveillance.

SX-series security monitors adopt high-grade LCD panel for 24/7 continuous use


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