Security Monitors with BNC and HDMI Inputs


Raise the Bar for Security

Designed with special attention to security and surveillance environments, the RX-Series security monitors feature commercial-grade LCD panels with reliability, durability, and versatility. For commonly used 24/7 operations, the monitors ensure constant and stable image display with robust design, ghost image prevention, and image enhancement for varied surveillance environments. With advanced image enhancement technology, the commercial-grade security monitors deliver 1080p Full HD high-quality image resolution and crisp details while enabling Super Resolution, CCTV mode, and night mode for meeting more surveillance demands.

Image Enhancement Technology

The Pre-configured CCTV mode and super-resolution technology enables instant fine-tune videos to present more details in low-light footage.

Multiple Connections and Video Loop Out

With more input and output connectors, the RX-Series security monitors also provide Composite (BNC) video loop-through outputs. This allows connecting a CCTV camera to the monitor and sending the video signal to the second device for instant monitoring.

Designed for 24/7 Continuous Use

The RX-Series adopt high-grade LCD panels to ensure around-the-clock use. Strengthened with metal housing and hard glass screen protection, engineered for image burn-in prevention, the monitors are reliable for 24/7 continuous surveillance.

AG Neovo RX-Series security monitors with durable and reliable product design for 24/7 continuing use


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