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Creating Hygienic and Safe Viewing Environment for Clinical Review and Patient Care
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Get the versatile healthcare monitors you need for multiple applications in your medical practice or hospital setting. AG Neovo’s dental and clinical review monitors for health facilities features medical-grade power supply with EN/IEC 60601-1-certified, ensuring a safe medical environment for both patients and professionals. Along with the NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass Screen and white casing design, the monitors make it easy for you to sanitise your equipment and ensure the safety of your staff and patients. These monitors are also easy-to-install and feature crystal clear image quality for bringing detailed medical images that is critical for the medical survey and diagnosis, so you can accurately monitor your patients’ health.


Monitors For Dental Clinics

Designed for dental clinics, the DR-Series dental monitors feature an X-ray illuminator mode, allowing dentists to view X-rays easily without switching to other dedicated X-ray view boxes. For work flexibility, dentists can choose VESA compatible mounts or a handle to quickly reposition the display and share detailed contents with colleagues and patients.

AG Neovo DR Series dental monitors


DICOM Compatible Monitors

Perfect for doctor rooms and consulting rooms, the MX-Series supports DICOM Part 14 standard to ensure viewing medical imaging in accurate grayscale details and consistency without misunderstanding communication. Equipped with NeoV Optical Hard Glass design, the MX-Series DICOM Compatible Monitors withstand alcohol, other commonly used cleaning solutions, and scratches and other damage.

A male doctor is watching X-ray image on AG Neovo MX series DICOM monitor

ME & MD-Series

Clinical Review Monitors

Our clinical review monitors feature 2MP resolution and DICOM Part 14 Compatible with clear and accurate image quality perfect for secondary display used in doctor room and consulting room, patient care and healthcare places, hospital administration offices, and more. Equipped with a medical-grade power supply and ergonomic design for flexible installation and reading medical imaging, the displays promise to bring healthcare and medical professionals comfort and safety at work.

AG Neovo MD series clinical review monitors

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