32" 30-Point Touch Screen Display

  • 30-point projected capacitive touch technology
  • LAN connectivity for remote control and management.
  • IP65 standards against dust and water for long-term operation
  • Encased in metal with 7H tempered glass for easy maintenance.
  • Features DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA connectivity
  • Works with Windows, Linux, macOS, and select Android versions
  • Effortlessly mountable with specially designed holes for seamless integration.

Transforming Business through Touch Interaction

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Finger Tips Forming Interactive Display Solutions

The AG Neovo TX-3203 redefines interactive display technology with its meticulously crafted 32-inch touch screen, offering exceptional solutions for various commercial settings. Featuring 30-point PCAP touch technology, users enjoy precise responses, whether using bare fingers or gloves, enhancing overall user satisfaction. IP65 compliance ensures durability against dust and water, while its metal casing and 7H tempered glass offer long-lasting reliability with minimal maintenance. Additionally, the TX-3203 features LAN connectivity for convenient remote control and management, compatible with multiple operating systems. Ideal for retail stores, corporate offices, hotel lobbies, exhibition centers, and conference rooms, the TX-3203 adapts seamlessly to diverse commercial environments, meeting all your business needs.

Intuitive Interactive Experience

Premium PCAP Multi Touch Screen

With projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen technology, the TX-3203 multi-touch screen can register up to 30 touchpoints simultaneously. Responses to touch are fast and accurate equalling the sensitivity of a mobile device. Your customers or visitors have the ability to scroll, swipe or zoom on the multi-touch display so they will feel perfectly comfortable using the same gestures they would on their smartphones.

Through-Glass Interactive Touch Screen Technology

For extra security or protection, the TX-3203 touch screen can be mounted behind a glass layer to create a through-glass experience. The through-glass mode can be applied to a store window, tabletop or glass sheet. Visitors can control the screen through up to 6 millimetres of glass on top of the touch screen, giving it the same functionality whether visitors are touching the screen or using it through the glass.

Glove-Friendly Touch Screens

The TX-3203 interactive touch screen can be used with bare fingers or with gloves, including gloves made from cotton, latex or leather. This is especially convenient to customers and visitors who prefer to keep their gloves on because of cold weather or for personal and cleanliness preferences. The interactive screen also works with a stylus pen creating a wide range of options for customer and visitor interaction.

*Through-glass touch may not be supported with gloves.

Unmatched Durability and Reliability

IP65 Dust and Water Protection

The TX-3203 IP65 compliant touch screen functions perfectly in high-use and high-traffic public locations, giving complete protection as it resists dust and liquid spills. Its edge-to-edge glass covers the entire display, making it a truly flat surface allowing for a sleek and modern appearance and easy cleaning.

Robust and Scratch Resistant Touch Screen

AG Neovo uses metal housing and 7H tempered glass displays for high durability and scratch resistance levels without compromising touch sensitivity for 24/7 operation in demanding public settings. The touch screen glass passed the UL60950 ball-drop test (IK08 rating) for high impact resistance.

Effortless Installation and Integration

Specially designed holes on all sides of the touch screen display make mounting the screen easy, whether on a wall, tabletop or kiosk in landscape or portrait orientation. For safety and protection while mounting, the outer edge of the touch screen has a plastic resin bezel to protect against collisions during transportation and installation. Whether flush mounted or encased behind glass, our TX-3203 touch screens can seamlessly be integrated into any application.

Superior Connectivity and Management

Seamless Multi-Interface Connectivity

With DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA connectivity options, the TX-3203 supports multiple device connections, boosting productivity and versatility.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and select Android versions, the TX-3203 ensures convenient operation across different platforms.

Remote Management Functionality

Equipped with LAN connectivity, the TX-3203 enables remote control and management, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and user convenience.


Data Sheet
TX-3203 Datasheet V1.0
Upload date: 2024-04-22
User Manual
TX-3203 User Manual V1.0 English
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Product Photo
TX-3203 Product Photos
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EEI Label
TX-3203 EEI Label
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Technical Drawing
TX-3203 Technical Drawing V1.01 - TX3230
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TX-3203 LVD Certificate
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