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Meetboard 3
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Powerful, User-Centric Interactive Displays for Next-Generation

Built on the Android OS platform, Meetboard 3 is designed to get teaching, meetings and presentations going right away, without requiring projectors, whiteboards, PCs or additional software. Meetboard 3 offers user-centric and hybrid-ready teaching and meeting technology. Meetboard 3 can improve classroom and meeting room participation with easy-to-use apps and tools, wireless screen sharing, and USB-C connectivity, successfully transforming a traditional classroom and meeting room into immersive learning and sharing hub.

Instantly Annotate on Apps or Videos

With Meetboard 3, it’s easy to highlight, mark up and add notes to documents, web pages, images, videos and other file formats using the annotation toolbar and accompanying stylus for instant visual brainstorming and collaboration.

Meetboard 3 interactive display let you annotate on the YouTube Video

Custom Settings Tailored to Your Needs

Meetboard 3 enables users to customize toolbars to include only frequently used tools and apps from the Assistive menu, Meetboard Whiteboard App’s toolbars and Widget settings, maximizing display space and minimizing on-screen clutter.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has custom settings on the assistive menu, the widget tool and Meetboard Whiteboard's toolbars

File Transferring with Ease

After meeting and teaching sessions, transferring files cannot be easier anymore. Meetboard Whiteboard App offers multiple ways to share your annotation with a single touch via email, QR Code or Cloud Drive.

Meetboard 3 interactive display makes file sharing easy with Cloud drives, USB drives, and QR Code scanning

Seamless BYOD Connections in Classrooms or Meeting Rooms

Meetboard 3 allows you to seamlessly connect your own devices to the screen mirror and interact with the display. No installation is required, and you can charge your devices simultaneously through a single USB-C cable.

Meetboard 3 interactive display can do BYOD with a USB-C connectivity


86-Inch 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display with USB-C

65-Inch 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display with USB-C

75-Inch 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display

86-Inch 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display