86-Inch 4K Interactive Flat Panel Display with USB-C

  • 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • 20-point multi-touch capability & dual styluses
  • Built-in Android OS 9.0 platform
  • Multi-touch plug and play for Windows/Android/Linux/Chrome/macOS
  • A USB-C port for digital signal, data and 65W power delivery
IFP8603 Product Icons

In a rapidly changing environment, Meetboard IFP-8603 interactive displays offer user-centric and hybrid-ready teaching and meeting technology. Meetboard IFP-8603 can improve classroom and meeting room participation with easy-to-use apps and tools, wireless screen sharing, and USB-C connectivity. Meetboard IFP-8603 successfully transforms a traditional classroom and meeting room into an immersive learning and sharing hub.

4K UHD Resolution with Anti-glare Treatment

Meetboard IFP-8603 interactive display delivers visual content with 4K UHD clarity and a special anti-glare coating for improved eye comfort. The embedded EcoSmart Sensor auto-adjusts the display’s backlight brightness to match indoor light conditions.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has 4K resolution with anti-glare treatment

20-Point Multi-Touch & Dual Pens

Using fingers or double-headed touch pens, multiple participants can simultaneously draw and annotate on the 20-point touch-enabled screen. This makes mind-mapping and brainstorming as intuitive as using a whiteboard.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has 20-point multi-touch technology with dual pens

Intuitive User Interface with Easy-to-Use Tools

Meetboard’s fresh new interface and simplified icons are user-friendly and intuitive. Essential apps and helpful tools such as Browser, WPS Office, ScreenLock and Timer, are preloaded to aid productivity in meeting and classroom settings.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has intuitive user interface with easy-to-use apps and tools

Intelligent Digital Whiteboard App

Writing on Meetboard App is natural and user-friendly, with various brush colors or thicknesses. The Smart Detection tool can recommend a drawing, while tools like “Table” and “Sticky-Notes” keep discussions.

Meetboard 3 interactive display equips an intelligent digital whiteboard app

Powerful USB-C Connectivity

A USB-C cable connection facilitates teaching and team collaboration. Connect your PC or laptop to Meetboard IFP-8603 via a USB-C cable to quickly transfer data and video/audio signals, access touch functions and up to 65W power charging, using the peripherals on Meetboard IFP-8603.

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Meetboard 3 interactive display has a USB-C connectivity delivering A/V and touch functions

Integrated File Management for Simplified Collaboration

Meetboard Finder, a file management app, allows you to easily access, save, and share files via USB drive, Cloud storage, Samba service, and FTP portal shortcuts.

Meetboard 3 interactive display makes file sharing easy with Cloud drives, USB drives, and QR Code scanning

Split Screen for Enhanced Multi-tasking

Select multi-window mode to utilize different apps simultaneously. Dragging items from one window to another, Meetboard IFP-8603 allows you to multi-task efficiently, speeding up collaborations.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has a multi-window mode for multi-tasking

Wireless Screen Mirroring and Control

Meetboard IFP-8603 supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast wireless mirroring technology and embeds a powerful screen-sharing app. Wirelessly present, share multi-media content, interact with and control Meetboard or multiple Meetboards from iOS or Android devices in real-time on-site or remotely.

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Meetboard 3 interactive display has a wireless screen mirroring and screen control capability

Video Conferencing Ready

Meetboard IFP-8603 can easily be adapted for video conferencing by connecting an all-in-one webcam* via a USB cable. Compatible with mainstream video conferencing apps*, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting, this facilitates remote or hybrid collaborations.

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* Suggested Camera: Logitech StreamCam / Logitech Meetup / Logitech C930E / Logitech C525 / Logitech BCC950 / AVer 342 / 342+

*Disclaimer: AG Neovo cannot guarantee the functionality or compatibility of third-party applications. For installation issues, contact our sales team.

Meetboard 3 interactive display is compatible with third-party video conferencing apps

Advanced Mobility

AG Neovo’s FMC-06 floor mounting cart offers advanced mobility to fulfil the needs of on-site and virtual collaborations in a changing world. Installing Meetboard IFP-8603 on FMC-06 requires minimal effort and brings all your accessories together. Lockable casters keep the display secure and in place once in position.

The FMC-06 mobile cart has an advanced mobility


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IFP-8603 Datasheet V1.2
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IFP-8603 Bytello Share Android Client App
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