German Waterways 1100x550 1

Clear view of the water: video technology for Meppen control center

Simply bring joy to every security officer - Mr. Thore Peters, Senior Sales Manager at AG Neovo Technology Germany’s waterways…

QX Hendrika Jacoba 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying 4 sources of joy to the skipper of the Hendrika Jacoba in the Netherlands

Some recent new construction projects are now sailing weekly and the skippers are very enthusiastic about the supplied displays from…

QX in Marine Denmark 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, displaying lessons through schools of fish on the Sulehav fishing trawler in Denmark

Working with Vest-EI is a little like your right hand working with your left, they both know what the other…

Pia Glanz 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, seeing technological advancements from all angles on the Pia Glanz

In the toughest moments, you need to be on top of everything at once. The four-split feature on the AG…

Golden Dawn Case 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, seeing the sea in a display of clarity

In the harsh environment we work in, the AG Neovo displays were the perfect choice, and I would not hesitate…

Italian Ship 1100x550 1

AG Neovo, the star aboard Italian ships, displaying strength from port to port

Strong, sturdy, ready for any situation, that’s how we like our ships and that’s how we like our displays. The…