No.127  October 02, 2017  
AG Neovo Debuts MX-Series and MD-Series Medical Displays

AG Neovo, a widely trusted supplier of displays and accessories, is happy to announce its initiation into the medical display sector by bringing to market the MX-Series and MD-Series. Both series come with meticulously designed low-voltage, medical-grade power supply to ensure safety, performance, and reliability for all medical applications, a strength ascertained in the form of EN/IEC 60601-1 certification.

The MX-Series stands out as a premium choice for medical professionals, since these displays overcome challenges commonly posed by busy and shared workspaces like doctors’ offices. Its NeoV™ Optical Glass is durable, hygienic and designed for easy cleaning thanks to its tolerance to alcohol and other detergents, and its hardness provides an extra layer of protection, a virtue further complemented by the metal casing of the displays. The DICOM Part 14 calibration function corrects gamma and luminance to achieve the smooth grayscale that is required for clinical review. Its multiple signal source options, including HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2, facilitate integration with other instruments, and PIP/PBP enables multi-viewing on one screen.

For its part, the MD-Series brings healthcare professionals comfort and convenience at work as its ergonomic stand design gives them both the option of tilting, pivoting, or swiveling their display and height adjustability. Coupled with landscape/portrait mode options, a wide viewing angle, and its capability of delivering exceptional image clarity, the white appliance-like MD-Series rightly makes a handy must-have for hospital or clinic receptions, nurses’ carts, and pharmacies.

“AG Neovo is committed to creating a unique environment-specific user experience,” says AG Neovo Senior Product Manager Tony Chu. “The latest MX-Series and MD-Series comprise a full range of clinical review displays crafted specifically to meet the needs of diverse medical settings, and AG Neovo pledges that it is only the beginning of more yet to come.”
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