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4K Monitors for Detailed Imagery in Surveillance Environment

The QX-Series 4K surveillance monitors are designed for demanding 4K security systems and applications. With UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution and PIP/ PBP multi-screen capability, this series enables the simultaneous display of multiple signals with up to 4 split screens from DVR or NVR devices. In addition to simplifying hardware setup by enabling the use of one display in place of four 1080p monitors, the QX-Series provides the gain in clarity required for real-time and up-close monitoring in traffic management centres, casinos, emergency operations centres and other public installations.

Ultra HD Resolution for 4K Security Systems

The QX-series features 3840 x 2160 resolution, suitable for the advanced 4K security systems to view smooth 4K video and graphics with a new level of detail and clarity.

In addition, from its multi-screen functionality, one screen can display up to four full HD resolution images simultaneously from four different input sources.

QX-Series 4K Surveillance monitor supports PiP and PbP multi-screen functions

Industry-leading Reliability

This series integrates with AG Neovo’s innovation for 24/7 operation, including NeoV™ Optical Glass Screen, Anti-burn-in™ Technology and Metal casing protection. With the durable design, the QX-series surveillance displays ensure a long product lifetime and stable operation in mission-critical installations.

QX-Series 4K Surveillance Display features NeoV, Anti-burn-in, heat control for 24/7 use

Easy Management and Control on Deployed Displays

The QX-series is compatible with AG Neovo’s exclusive PID Command & Ctrl software, providing remote management via LAN or RS232 connections.

QX-Series 4K Surveillance Display is compatible with PID command and control software


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