Touch Screen Monitor - TM-Series

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Touch Screen Monitor with Ergonomic Monitor Stand

Built with the user’s comfort in mind, AG Neovo TM-Series multi-touch screens with an ergonomic monitor stand facilitate public access. They utilise PCAP technology for a smooth and responsive touch experience, flexible mounting options and edge-to-edge glass overlay, delivering a modern look to accommodate different business applications.

PCAP Multi-Touch Screen Technology

Based on projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen technology, the TM-Series touch screen monitors offer fast and accurate touch responses. Its flat surface and edge-to-edge glass overlay deliver a modern style that enhances the in-store experience.

TM-Series 10 point touch screen monitor

Ergonomic Monitors for Public Access

The TM-Series multi-touch monitors feature ergonomic monitor stands to make users work in the most comfortable position. Ergonomic monitor stands are particularly beneficial for facilitating public access by non-disabled and disabled users.

TM-Series touch screen monitors with an ergonomic monitor stand facilitate public access

Flexible Mounting Options

The TM-Series can be easily integrated with flexible mounting options, from its ergonomic monitor stand to wall mounts and other monitor mounts that feature VESA mounting patterns.

TM-Series touch screen monitors support PCAP multi-touch technology


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