Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall Displays


Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Walls for Captivating Immersive Visual Experience

The PN-Series ultra narrow bezel video wall displays are designed for professional video wall applications. Given the built-in scheduler, OPS slot, and UniWall™ function, these premium displays are easy to set up and maintain. With up to 700 nits of brightness and premium-grade panels, visually stunning video walls can be displayed in demanding environments around the clock— from large public venues to 24/7 operation control rooms.

Professional Video Walls

46-inch super narrow bezel 5.7 mm and 55-inch ultra narrow bezel 3.5 mm professional video wall displays create seamless images for an uninterrupted visual experience. For a complete video wall set up, up to 15×10* tiling is supported via DisplayPort* and DVI interfaces.


* Product features may vary by models

The PN-Series video wall display is 3.5 mm bezel to bezel width

Ideal for Video Wall Installation

Its built-in scheduler and OPS slot are complemented by IR/RS232 looping and ethernet control capabilities to easily control, set up and maintain large-scale digital signage video wall installations.

The PN-Series video wall display can do IR/RS232 looping

High Visibility Under Ambient Light

Full HD resolution, high contrast, wide viewing angles, and up to 700 nits* of brightness give you crystal clear images while the anti-glare treatment* allows superior visibility under ambient light.


*Features may vary by model

The PN-Series video wall display features 700 nits high brightness with anti-glare treatment

Easily Manage Multiple Displays

AG Neovo’s display management solution provides an easy-to-use software – PID Command & Ctrl, bringing unprecedented levels of control to configure multiple AG Neovo displays. This software also gives you lots of conveniences to remotely control the screens via iOS/Android mobile devices, laptops, or PCs while on the go.

The Windows and app versions from PID command & control software UI


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46'' Ultra-narrow Bezel Video Wall Display

55'' Ultra-narrow Bezel Video Wall Display