AG Neovo Unveils New USB-C Monitors for Productive Workplaces At Offices and Home

DW-Series USB-C monitor_02

AG Neovo is the display choice of professional worldwide and the company is announcing its new DW-Series monitors. The monitors integrate a future-proof USB Type-C port so laptop users can connect to the monitors quickly and begin working with a single USB-C cable. 

These monitors are designed to provide professionals with a more productive way to work across multiple applications with a single monitor and laptop. They are a one-cable solution for a neat desktop that streamlines the work process for creative professionals across various industries. The three monitors in the new DW-Series are:

“The laptop with USB-C port penetration will increase from 30-40% to 60-70%, especially when the EU passes USB-C to be the power delivery standard. This will drive the need for the USB-C devices, including monitors on the desktop,” says William Chen, the Marketing Manager at AG Neovo. “Also, during the pandemic, work from home change the working behavior, users rely on laptops and may need an extra large-sized monitor for multi-tasking applications, for video conferencing and PowerPoint windows on the same time, etc. AG Neovo aims to bring the productive USB-C monitor.”

In addition to HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, the new DW-Series introduces the future-proof USB-C connectivity which is capable of video, audio and data transmission. It supports power delivery up to 65W for connected devices and laptops. The one-cable design enables laptop users to work quickly with minimal cables and setup time in their portable work environments. 

The new 24-inch DW2401 and 27-inch DW2701 monitors feature WQHD 2560 X 1440p resolution. The 34-inch DW3401 monitor offers users UWQHD 3440 X 1440p resolution. The higher resolution and pixel density mean users enjoy a crisp image quality that wasn’t available on previous models. There is also more screen real estate to display web content and documents, reducing the amount of time spent scrolling or minimizing windows. 

Professionals who require ultra-wide screens for horizontal applications such as graphic design or video editing will benefit from the 34-inch monitor with its 21:9 aspect ratio. This is also an ideal layout for multitasking in the workplace. 

The IPS wide viewing angle panel and wider color gamut capability on the DW-Series monitors reproduces wider color range than sRGB, AdobeRGB and DCI-P3 standards. The colors are ture to life and meet the necessary industry standard for designers and video editors working with color correction software.

The DW-Series from AG Neovo is designed for a comfortable working experience with ergonomic stands that tilt, swivel and allow for height adjustment. The 24-inch and 27-inch models also have the capability to pivot.