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What Is Onboard Passenger Information System?

An onboard passenger information system (PIS) is specifically designed to use monitors for delivering multi-media information and entertaining content, like real-time route information, traffic messages, advertisements, emergency information, travel guides, and video surveillance live feeds, to passengers on the moving vehicles such as buses, coaches and trains.

Safe, Easy-to-Install displays on the moving vehicle

The TBX-Series information displays have E-Mark (E-13) certification and offer several improvements to current in-vehicle systems. A wide range of power supply protects displays from damage in case of voltage fluctuation. Metal casing and NeoV™ Optical Hard Glass screen bolster anti-vandal capabilities. Thanks to NeoTransPro™ Installation Suite, system integrators can easily install and control multiple displays without additional in-vehicle certified devices. TBX-Series provide professional passenger information displays with quality and efficiency for the transportation industry.

E-Mark (E13) Certified

Certified with E-Mark certification (E13), the TBX-Series displays for onboard passenger information systems offer both reliable and safe solutions for vehicles such as buses, coaches, trucks, trailers and much more vehicles.

TBX-series onboard passenger information displays are E-Mark-E13 certified

Exclusive NeoTransPro Installation Suite for Hassle-Free Setup and Control

The suite is designed to provide a more efficient solution to easily set up and control multiple screens in the vehicle for passenger information display system installation. It simplifies the process and makes long-distance connection easy without a need for additional devices, such as video extenders or splitters. In addition to reducing the cost of extra devices and cabling, it makes long-distance connection without signage degradation to ensure the image quality keeping brilliant.

TBX-Series onboard passenger information system displays are integrated Exclusive-NeoTransPro-Installation-Suite

Industrial-grade Stable Power Supply

Industrial-grade wide-range power supply unit for 8-36 V provides unparalleled levels of protection for displays against power fluctuations and ensure usability as well as safe operation on moving vehicles.

TBX-22 22 inch onboard passenger information display features 8-36v power supply


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22-Inch Display for Onboard Passenger Information System