Medical Monitors with Ergonomic Stand

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An Optimal Balance of Monitor Investment for Multiple Clinical Applications

Featuring DICOM preset and medical-grade power supply, the MD-Series medical monitors ensure correct and consistent brightness and greyscale levels of medical images in detail at any viewing angle. Its image stability, medical-grade power supply, and VESA-compatible mounts give clinical professionals to set up a mobile workstation while meeting the standards of premium quality assurance and financial benefits.

Medical-grade Certified Power Supply for Staff and Patient Safety

The MD-Series medical monitors adopt specially designed low-voltage medical-grade power supply to ensure safety, performance, and reliability—three critical requirements for any healthcare or professional medical environment.

MD-Series Cinical review monitor's power supply is IEC / EN 60601-1 standard certified

DICOM Part 14 Compatible for Better Work Productivity

In a departure from standard monitors, the MD-Series monitors with DICOM Part 14 compatible display consistent and accurate grayscale levels of medical images in detail. Thus, it helps clinical professionals to read medical documents and images as the review reference.

MD-Series clinical review monitors support DICOM Part 14 Calibration

Easy Setup for Work Comfort and Mobility

Get the mobility you need to treat patients in different parts of your healthcare facility with our MD-Series. Its medical-grade power adaptors and flexible VESA patterns make it happen, allowing nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to get the mobile workspace by using a medical computer cart to treat patients wherever they are.



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