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AG Neovo on board with Axis

AG Neovo on board with Axis

Our show van has so many other technical highlights besides the professional monitors – the curiosity of all market participants…


AG Neovo, displaying the right solution for NEP Studios Denmark Video Assistant Referee (VAR) vans every time

AG Neovo is proud to be selected for this installation for NEP Studio, who has introduced this installation to UEFA…

CPS 1100x550 2 1

AG Neovo, safely parking displays in Cologne Service Parkhaus

We are pleased with the grandiose pictures of the displays and the uniform and highly professional look of the new…

PN 46D ControlRoom

AG Neovo, securely displaying the future of technology in Africa

Security is vital both online and offline for governments and businesses and high quality, uninterrupted, 24/7 displays are vital to…