AG Neovo Launches TX-3202 32-Inch Touch Screens for Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

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Our TX-3202 touch screens with built-in touch through-glass function can be applied in the interactive window displays or touch screen tables in retail and commercial settings. Also, this touch through-glass helps interact with the customers creatively and boost engagement and business.

- Kevin Hsieh, Product Manager at AG Neovo

AG Neovo is pleased to announce the launch of the new TX-3202 32-Inch touch screen display, designed to meet commercial and retail needs. The display has a durable, interactive screen that is capable of 24/7 use and the screen provides an accurate touch experience even through extra glass or with gloves. It’s multi-touch can function within a variety of applications, including working as information kiosks, self-service kiosks, or touch screen tables, as well as interactive window displays or digital POP displays.

Here are the benefits of TX-3202 touch screens:

  • Gloved and Through-Glass Multi-Touch Screen: The TX-3202 multi-touch screen can register up to 30 simultaneous touch-points with bare fingers or with a stylus. It allows a variety of multi-touch gestures like scrolling, swiping, and pinch-to-zoom. The TX-3202 has the built-in ability to register touch even when mounted behind a glass layer. The touch through-glass function adds a layer of security to touch screens. This is ideal for both retail or commercial applications. Touch through-glass provides the same accuracy and functionality as actually touching the screen. This allows creative displays of interactive content to attract, engage, and entertain customers. They can also register touch when used with gloves made out of cotton, latex, or leather. With this, customers can wear gloves, whether out of personal preference or security concerns.
  • Convenient Set-up and Use: TX-3202 touch screens are convenient to set up and use. TX-3202 touch displays offer a plug-and-play touch screen for Windows 10. They are compatible with all VESA mounting patterns. The TX-3202 is specially designed with mounting holes on all sides of the display. This design makes mounting the screen easy and convenient. They can be mounted on walls, kiosks, or touch tables in portrait or landscape orientation. TX-3202 touch screens are also compatible with a variety of operating systems. These include Mac OS and Android, Windows, and Linux.
  • Durable Under 24/7 Usage: TX-3202 are large-format touch screens with a front IP65 rating.They are water-proof, dust-proof, and scratch-resistant. The interactive displays are designed with durability in mind and can be continuously used 24/7.They have metal housing and can easily dissipate heat. TX-3202 touch screens are also vandalism-proof. They have undergone and passed the UL60950 ball-drop test for high impact resistance with an IK08 rating.
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TX-3202 Touch Screen Display

TX-3202 Features:

  • TX-3202 touch screens are durable with a 24/7 commercial-grade panel. They are convenient to install and are adaptable in use and function.
  • They are capable of registering 30 touchpoints simultaneously with bare fingers or a stylus on the screen. They also support touch through-glass, or with gloves. All these touch modes support multi-touch gestures.
  • The TX-3202 large-format touch screen is ideal for commercial and retail purposes. It boosts customer engagement by displaying content in a creative way, improving business.