4 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Medical Monitors


When considering a purchase in the realm of Medical Monitors, ensuring you select the right equipment becomes paramount. Especially in the medical sector, a high-quality Medical display can empower doctors to make more precise diagnoses and offer patients the best treatment pathways. Amidst a sea of options, AG Neovo’s MX and MD series of Medical Monitors stand out, with their exceptional performance and diverse functionalities, becoming the top choice for many healthcare experts.

Usage Scenarios: Medical Conditions Treated with Medical Monitors

  • Surgery Rooms:
    In surgery rooms, Medical displays need to offer real-time, high-resolution images to ensure smooth surgery proceedings. The chosen monitor should be able to present clear endoscopic or minimally invasive surgery visuals and integrate seamlessly with surgical instruments.
  • Diagnostic Rooms:
    In diagnostic environments, professionals need to meticulously analyze X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. Hence, opting for a Medical Monitor that boasts high resolution and accurate color representation becomes vital.
  • Patient Wards:
    Within patient wards, Medical Monitors primarily focus on tracking a patient’s vital signs. The chosen display should have the endurance for prolonged operation and exhibit clarity when presenting ECGs or other life-monitoring data.
  • Ultrasound Diagnostics:
    For ultrasounds, a Clinical Review Monitor that can render high-contrast, high-resolution images is essential. This ensures doctors can discern tissues and organs within the body with precision.
  • Radiation Therapy Rooms:
    Here, Medical Monitors play a role in tracking therapeutic progress while ensuring patient safety. The chosen display needs high resolution and contrast to maintain therapy accuracy.

Types of Medical Monitors Broadly, Medical Monitors can be categorized into:

Diagnostic Monitors

Primary displays predominantly used by radiologists for interpreting detailed images such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays.

Clinical Review Monitors

Secondary displays, these are versatile and are used by non-radiology doctors and radiologic techs for secondary review, patient education, and office tasks.

Safety and Hygiene

In medical settings, equipment safety is the foundational and paramount requirement. Any negligence or equipment malfunction can lead to severe consequences for patients. Thus, medical monitors must adhere to stringent safety standards.

Significance of IEC 60601-1 / EN 60601-1

These are international and European medical equipment electrical safety standards, ensuring device safety and reliability during operations. A medical monitor must pass these standards for medical use, signifying its adherence to high safety requirements, minimizing electrical malfunction risks.

Commitment to Safety

Importance of Medical Grade Power Supply

While regular power supplies might falter under prolonged or high-load operations, medical-grade power supplies are more stable and reliable, ensuring continuous operation without producing much electromagnetic interference, essential for a monitor’s stability and reliability.

Advantages of AG Neovo MD-series

The MD-series from AG Neovo not only fully complies with the IEC 60601-1 and EN 60601-1 standards but also boasts a medical-grade power supply, assuring prolonged, stable operations in medical settings. Additionally, with high-resolution image quality and multiple display options, the MD-series caters to every medical professional’s need.

How to clean monitor screen safely?

In high-risk, contaminated areas such as hospitals, every equipment requires thorough cleaning, including monitor screens. However, cleaning monitor screens safely is a crucial concern. Learn more about how to clean a monitor screen here: How To Clean Computer Monitor Screen Safely?

It’s advisable to opt for a surface that is simple to clean and has resistance against alkaline substances such as diluted bleach, as well as resistance against acidic substances like phenol and carbolic acid. For Example, Neo V glass meets all of these criteria that are especially for medical imaging monitors.

What is NeoV glass?

If you’re seeking a medical imaging monitor that’s easy to clean and resistant to hospital disinfectants, consider those with NeoV glass. NeoV glass is designed to withstand common hospital disinfectants like Lysol and Dettol, and its anti-alkaline and anti-acid properties ensure it remains unaffected by harsh chemicals. This makes it a prime choice for healthcare settings, allowing professionals to maintain a pristine display for precise diagnosis and treatment.

The best medical monitors for dental clinics

The AG Neovo DR-22G stands out in the realm of medical imaging monitors. Equipped with the unparalleled NeoV glass, it’s more than just a display. This glass is designed to resist common hospital disinfectants, boasting anti-alkaline and anti-acid properties that keep it pristine even under harsh conditions. For professionals seeking both durability and clarity, the DR-22G offers an impeccable fusion, ensuring images are viewed with precision, and hygiene is maintained at the forefront. A testament to AG Neovo’s commitment to excellence, this monitor is an indispensable tool for modern healthcare setups.

Image Quality and Compatibility

Medical professionals demand more from images than typical applications. High resolution, clarity, and authentic color representation are essential, along with ensuring compatibility with medical image formats.

AG Neovo MX-24 dicom monitor is showing toes X ray image.
AG Neovo MX-24 dicom monitor is showing toes X ray image.

DICOM Compatibility

DICOM, or “Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine”, is a set of protocols ensuring seamless sharing and transmission of image data across different manufacturer devices. A DICOM-compatible medical monitor ensures clear and accurate viewing of various medical images, allowing for precise diagnoses.

What is a DICOM Compatible Monitor?

It’s a monitor that can display medical images accurately and consistently, adhering to the DICOM standard. Such monitors undergo special calibration to ensure color and grayscale accuracy, providing a clear view of every detail.

Advantages of AG Neovo MX Series:

The MX series from AG Neovo not only offers high resolution and exceptional color representation but is also fully DICOM compliant. This means it can provide clear and accurate views of X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans. Additionally, with multiple input/output options and other advanced features, it’s the ideal choice for medical experts.

Efficiency and Flexibility

In the time-sensitive medical environment, efficiency is key. Medical professionals require tools that are responsive, user-friendly, and adaptable to various scenarios. Besides basic display functions, a medical monitor’s efficiency and flexibility are vital for the selection process.

clinical review monitor features portrait and landscape modes

Quick Response and Multifunctionality:

Medical professionals often switch between different image or data sources. Thus, a medical monitor with a fast response time and multifunctionality can significantly improve work efficiency, reducing unnecessary waiting and operational times.

Input/Output Options and Integration:

Modern medical equipment often needs integration with various other devices and systems. A medical monitor with diverse input/output options ensures compatibility with various equipment, simplifying setup and operational processes.

Advantages of AG Neovo MD-Series:

The MD-Series from AG Neovo excels in efficiency and flexibility. Not only does it have a rapid response time, but it also offers various input/output options, including HDMI, VGA, and DVI, ensuring seamless integration with different medical equipment and systems. Its multifunctional design ensures swift toggling and operations as per distinct work requirements, significantly boosting work efficiency.

Medical Monitors: Advancements in Healthcare Display Technology

In the evolving landscape of healthcare technology, the role of medical monitors is increasingly vital. AG Neovo, a trusted name in the field, presents its standout medical monitor series — the MD and MX series. These series incorporate cutting-edge display technology, catering to users’ practical needs while prioritizing safety.

The MD vs. MX Series: Precision and Safety in Medical Monitors

The MD series, tailored for efficiency and versatility, delivers on the promise of high-quality image representation, making clinical review processes thorough and precise. On the other hand, the MX series emphasizes enhanced safety measures and delivers crisp image outputs, making it suitable for diverse healthcare environments.

Choosing AG Neovo’s Medical Monitors for Clinical Review

In healthcare, the right tools can significantly impact patient care quality. Those keen on understanding the features of the MD series and MX series can explore further by accessing the provided links. For additional information or inquiries about our medical monitors, please provide your contact details here, and our team will be ready to assist.

FAQs about AG Neovo’s Medical Monitors

  1. What are the main features of AG Neovo’s medical imaging monitors?
    • AG Neovo’s monitors offer DICOM compliant imaging precision, operational safety, longevity, and cleanliness. They adhere strictly to the EN/IEC 60601-1 and DICOM monitor standards.
  2. How does AG Neovo prioritize patient and practitioner safety in their medical monitors?
    • AG Neovo’s medical display monitors are fortified with IEC/EN 60601 certification, which ensures safety. The distinct NeoV™ protective optical glass provides additional protection against potential threats.
  3. How do AG Neovo monitors address hygiene standards in medical settings?
    • The monitors are designed to resist common cleaning agents, reducing damage risks. The NeoV™ protective optical glass is resistant to acids and alkalis, making it durable against potential cleaning and disinfection damages.
  4. What is the importance of the DICOM image mode in AG Neovo monitors?
    • The DICOM image mode allows healthcare professionals to decipher grayscale nuances instantly, ensuring that gradient grayscale details are displayed vividly. It’s essential for the accuracy and reliability of medical diagnoses.
  5. Are AG Neovo’s medical monitors suitable for dental clinics?
    • Yes, AG Neovo offers medical monitors tailored for dental clinics, ensuring they meet the multifaceted requirements of such settings. They come with safety-certified power adaptors and extended cables for easy mounting on dental chair arms.
  6. What resolution do AG Neovo’s clinical review monitors offer?
    • AG Neovo’s clinical review monitors offer 1080p (2MP), ensuring detailed, color-accurate images from various perspectives.